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Scorekeeping question

Old 05-04-2006, 04:47 PM
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Default Scorekeeping question

Here's a quote from the rules: "Score cards must be split between two scorekeepers so that each scorekeeper has one card for each archer. Both scorekeepers must agree on a score, compare and punch the score cards before the arrows are pulled from the target."

What happens when the two don't agree on the score. If my memory serves me right (which it rarely does).... I though the "pullers" were the callers and the two holding the cards were scorekeepers. When there was not an agreement, the two scorekeepers would alternate in calling the score. I thought that was in the rules at one time. I know that is how we do it, but it sounds as that is not in compliance with the rules.

What do we do?

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Old 05-05-2006, 04:37 AM
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Default RE: Scorekeeping question

At no time should any group allow one person sole discretion in determining the points earned in competition. That is why you are sent out in busted groups to begin with. The shooting group must decide / agree on the score value before pulling their arrows. If your group is unsure if a particular arrow should qualify as a robinhood, glance off, pass through, or some other possible special circumstance consideration, I as a range / shoot official can help to define the possibilities. I can not, however, determine if a particular situation ever existed after the arrows are pulled. Therefore, even in these special circustances, your group must decide before any arrows are pulled what exactly happened and the results. Without that group decision, the only score I could ever give after the arrows are pulled is a zero. With that in mind, I will also add that it is important to decide if conditions such as a pass thru or bounce back exist immediately when they happen. You have options before approaching a target that you do not have afterwords.

It is early morning and I'm on my first cup of coffee. I hope this make some sencein answering your question.
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Default RE: Scorekeeping question

Your answer makes sense but doesn't apply. According to the rules as quoted from the IBO rules it says you have two scorkeepers. They MUST agree. What happens when one says it's an 11 the other says it's a 10? If I remember the past rules (don't have a copy) it said there were two scorers (the pullers) and two scorekeepers. The scorekeepers would write what the two scorers would agree is the correct score. If there was a disagreement one of the scorekeepers (alternating) would make the call. That would make it a 2 to 1 decision. Now the rules don't mention anything about the scorers, only scorekeepers. The rules don't stipulate anything other than the two scorekeepers agreeing. What do we do then they don't?
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Default RE: Scorekeeping question

Oooohhhhh Kennnn........ Where are you?
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Default RE: Scorekeeping question

The old rule:"Targets must be scored by both score-keepers before arrows are pulled"

New rule:"Both scorekeepers must agree on a score,compare and punch the score cards before the arrows are pulled"

This is providing for two responsible parties in recording scores. I appreciate your logic concerning four responsible parties in a group. But that has not been the rule in the past. It is not now.
This rule is stipulating how the scores will be recorded, when the group agrees upon the score.
If you end up with a discrepancy on the cards, para. D will then apply.

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Default RE: Scorekeeping question

I seem to always get picked for being a scorekeeper. Keeping score is not an easy thing to do when you are shooting with people you do not know. You don't want to peev anybody off but you have to be fair also. You have to protect the rest of the field, just like in golf. There are always "close" shots that can be called either way I think. It is like an umpire in baseball, if you call it one way, call it that way the hole game for everybody. But when you can visually see that something is out and you call it out and the other scorekeeper calls it in then you go to the group and ask everybody to call it. If it is 3 for in the line and 2 for out the guy gets the higher score on my card. The arrows are left in the target untilthe scores are ON THE SCORECARD, then the pullers can pull them out. I had to tell a guy to leave them in there once. That way is fair. The person can protest the scorers I guess but my concience is ok at least. I had to score against my friend at the PA state shoot last year, not an easy thing to do. He was ok with it though. Scoring isn't easy to do folks.
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