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stop complainin...start hunting

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Originally Posted by livbucks
I simply meant the way we managed for 1.5 year old deer in the past. You know that but just like to feign injury.

If that was what you meant ,you wouldn't have aimed your cheap shot directly at me as you did in this post.

Are you saying that the industry created by lumber in PA is insignificant to your desires to shoot a spike by 10 am on Dec 1?
I was the one that posted how important the industry was to PA's economy , how much revenue it generates and the number of jobs involved and then you make the claim that I think it is insignificant compared to my desire to shoot a spike by 10 AM. That makes no sense so he had to be intended as a cheap shot and you said you were going to be more tolerant!!!
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Well sorrry! I didn't even see your post about the lumber industry. So now what do you got to whine about? Where was that post you refer to?
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It is in the next thread,"eastern forests are growing'. All the data shows that we have not lost any forested acreage due to overbrowsing during the last 100 years.

Why do yo insist on calling my posts whining? I am stated my position on the PGC DMP just like you state your position . Are you also whining?
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Maybe I whine a little.
I don't think overbrowsing would ever rise to the level of LOSING acreage. Trees of some sort are going to grow. Maybe not very desireable trees though.
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Maybe ,just maybe we are reaching some common ground since I agree with your post. However , that is not what the PGC and DCNR would lead you to believe , as noted by this quote.

Forest Regeneration is Lacking
Forests are dynamic and complex ecosystems continuously
influenced by natural and human-caused disturbances, such as
weather events, insects and diseases, white-tailed deer browsing,
and timber harvesting. Pennsylvania’s forests generally depend
on natural regeneration from seed and stump sprouts. Failure
to establish young trees of desired and appropriate species in
advance of a disturbance allows other vegetation, such as ferns,
grasses, and shrubs, to take over the forest.
Scientific evidence suggests that there is a regeneration problem
in many forests across Pennsylvania due
to a lack of tree seedlings. Suggested
reasons for this lack include white-tailed
deer overbrowsing, competition from
other plants, and soil acidification. Most
experts agree that all of these factors
play a role in the problem, with white-
tailed deer overbrowsing often cited
as most significant. Since deer feed
selectively, species not preferred by deer,
The Pennsylvania Regeneration Study
To gain a better understanding of current and future regeneration
issues, the Forest Service and the Bureau of Forestry initiated
The Pennsylvania Regeneration Study, which expands traditional
FIA measurements to include detailed assessments of the forest
Based on the following considerations—current white-tailed deer
densities, understory conditions, and established guidelines for
regenerating hardwood forests for those sites where overstory
disturbance has created light conditions where regeneration
should occur—only 50 percent of the study
sites had sufficient seedlings and saplings to
replace the existing forest with a similar tree
composition. In other words, if disturbed,
such as through a windstorm, insect or
disease outbreak, or timber harvest, half of
Pennsylvania’s forests are at risk of failing to
regenerate! If this analysis includes stands
with closed canopies, the outlook is even more
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Man, I could not hunt the 2009 season due to health but the 2008 season in VT I got out about 12 times during bow season and I saw 1 deer. The Fish and Game has ruined the herd here. Period. If you are happy with the herd, good. Don't criticize those who are not happy with the herd managment.
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