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Old 08-24-2006, 09:29 AM   #11
Nontypical Buck
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Default RE: WV Hunting Land Lease Available

I just looked in the paper where our camp is. There isa 90ac+-. parcel for sale. Asking price...$60K. With the market constantly getting softer, you could buy this for probably $55K cash. That's about $600/acre, and it's a couple minutes from the grocery store.

I called...Power is on the land, and there are some fields/flat spots.

The cheap land is still out there, if you look hard enough.Here's the realtor info he gave me

Greenlee Properties, Inc/GMAC Real Estate
Office: (304)927-4400

I also found the link on realtor.com

http://realtor.com/FindHome/HomeListing.asp?snum=1&frm=bymap&mnbed=0&a mp;mnbath=0&mnprice=0&mxprice=99999999&amp ;js=off&pgnum=1&fid=so&mnsqft=0&ml s=xmls&vtsort=&typ=6&poe=realtor&e xft=e20acres&ct=Gassaway&st=WV&areaid= 93721&areaid=86826&areaid=74572&areaid =50979&areaid=21590&areaid=88669&areai d=89278&areaid=78329&areaid=67534&area id=89229&areaid=34796&areaid=78469&are aid=67895&areaid=84399&sid=072649CF5DE0C&a mp;snumxlid=1061127028&lnksrc=00002
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Nontypical Buck
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Default RE: WV Hunting Land Lease Available


Rem...I'm talking timbered trashy land that's only good for hunting. Neighboring farm was bought last year for $67,000. It was 167 acres. No hard road touching it...no timber. I'm talking hunting land that is REMOTE with only a couple flat places for a cabin...mostly hillside.

We have to drive 1.1 miles through a creek to get to our cabin. We have no available phone line.

You're talking about a residence, I'm not talking about a place to live, I'm talking hunting land with no house at all.

The last 82 acresmy wife and Ibought was $20,000 in 2001. That's under $300/acre. The land is good for nothing but hunting at this point.

All that said, a bowhunting club just bought a farm behind my cousins house that was for sale. It was 150+/- acres. It has a nice house...lots of timber...and tons of food plots and fields already planted. It fetched $300K. It's all in the amenities.

It's like the difference between an F-150 in XL trim ($15K) and and F-150 in Harley Davidson trim. (35K)
ahh... you are the unsuspectingreal estatevictim..exactly what the slickers are looking for. they bulid houses here on ground a billygoat could hardly scale..pay thru the NOSE to install cable/phone/elec lines(buried)..not to mention consructing roads into said property. what you fail to realize, my friend, is that these people have more $$ than your county. they are heading west from DC/Balt area, and $$ is NO object...no deterrent... now I agree you're a bit further away.. but not THAT far away, especially with the I79/I77/I64 corridor growing rapidly. the slickers have found our state, and they'll buy what they have too to get what they want. talk about a different attitude towards others & life in general..these people are it. anyway...like I said..Dan Ryan has closed his office in Frederick,Md..and is setting up shop near Clarksburg,WV... get ready Ya'll in that area... you ain't seen nothing like this big Time Operator... and he'll move on when itdries up there. also, Toll Bros are becoming huge players in the WV market... they're outta Pa/NJ... they're also buying up land as fast as they can....just spent 6+ Mil on 160+ Ac.... and it's FAR from being "prime" land... it just happens to be "unrestricted", and THAT'S what fetches the BIG BUCKS...no restrictions..no zoning. but it's nice to know that there's still "cheap" land available in my home state...
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Nontypical Buck
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Default RE: WV Hunting Land Lease Available

Rem...Did you read my last post? There is still cheap land. I'm talking from a buyers standpoint, not a sellers. MY LAND IS NOT FOR SALE. The cheap hunting land is still out there in the middle of the state. Heck, it's 10 miles from our cabin to I-79 through the woods...takes 45 minutes to get there. LOL

BTW...If someone wants to commute from our area (where our camp is)to DC...They'll have9+ hours in driving each day. LOL My buddy lives in Hampshire county, and he has a 3 1/2 hour drive to our place...I don't see the commuters coming.

Personally, I could care less. I'm done buying, and not selling. I just feel bad for your side of the state.

The East side of the state is like another country than the west side at this point.

I live in a rural county in Ohio...but Columbus is coming. It's 50 minutes away...but it's coming. With that, our land prices have gone up 10X in the past 5 years.

Buy while you still can. That's my point. The leases in 10 years are going to be more than the cost to buy land now.
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