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Well so far I have got 4 anterless and let that many go [and two 4-5pt bucks too]. What is the record for kills in a season with a bow in Missouri? I actaully will get more time to hunt next month than just a few times like this month, so I could double that and then we all know that Dec/Jan is tough tho. This year there seems to be more of them and nto just for me, my friends also have had many kills or potential kills, double that of last year for all of us. Anyone else seeing that? Figuring the rest I get will go to Harvesters and the poor kitchens. I hope that I actaully get a buck this year.

We here have started seeing the rubs and my bro heard lots of calls and movement, and some mating too Saturday night in the fields. Anyone else starting seeing this stuff too? I figured it was too early, but looks like I am wrong.
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With a bow, the maximum is seven. 30 archers did it last year alone. The most deer that can be harvested in the state of Missouri is 10.

22 hunters took all 10 deer last season.

Now, these numbers do not include what can be harvested in special managed deer hunts, which is an additional 3 deer in some places.
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The rut is a couple weeks away still, but this is the best time to start seeing more bucks IMO. They are really starting to get into the swing of things. I' ve noticed in the past week, more scrapes and rubs than I' ve seen all this year. I found a scrape last Thursday that had been made probably a week or so before, judging from the leaves that had fallen into it. I checked it again saturday afternoon and it was clean as pin. I' ve got a deer camera watching it now. I think this coming weekend, I' ll try a little doe in estrous scent and some light rattling. This week and next week are about my best weeks of the season as far as buck sightings go usually. I had a young 6 point about 30 yards from my stand Saturday morning, and the base of his neck was already partially swollen.


I may be mistaken, but I was under the impression that in the northern parts of the state, any deer permits for rifle season were going to be knocked down to $7.00 a piece and will be available in unlimited quantities. As far as I know, you will be able to harvest as many doe/fawn deer as you wish during the entire rifle season, provided you keep buying tags.......

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I hunt missouri for deer. the new regs for this year say that in certain areas (though it is most of the state) there are unlimited doe tags. the price is 7.00 bucks. So, there really isn' t a limit anymore except for bucks and the number of tags you buy. buck limit is 2 in archery 1 in gun season and for archery, you can only shoot one buck prior to gun season. the second archery buck must come after gun season has ended.
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I should have been more specific and quoted from the 2003 fall deer and turkey hunting information book. I knew I had seen something to the question being asked in there briefly, and should have quoted from it direct. Page 12 has it on the lower left hand corner of the page. I haven' t had the chance to read it fully yet due to work, but you all may be right about the unlimited number of permits in some areas. I was just giving numbers from last year from the booklet.

" Unlimited" may mean how many doe (antlerless) tags are alotted per unit, meaning, no set number per unit as a whole, not per hunter. I know some units only allow so many " antlerless" deer to be taken compared to other units, but I think there may still be a limit on the actual number one (1) hunter can purchase. Let me get back to the question after I get done doing some more checking.

Good Luck!!!
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You all were right!

It has changed a bit from last year.

page 7

New this year, each hunter may purchase any number of Second Bonus permits where available....That is, each hunter may purchase more than one Second Bonus permit, and he or she may take one antlerless deer on each Second Bonus permit purchased. In addition, all First and second Bonus permits can each be for different units. The result is that hunters now have greater flexibility and more hunting opportunity than ever before...
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thanks guys. i am pretty shocked that I could have been in the top " 30" had I taken all those shots, now i am going to have to lie down for awhile until my ego deflates back to normal size....hehe. doubt if there is just 30 people to get 7 this year...my brother has 2 [& let a bunch of spikes go], and so do many of my friends. my wife doesn' t want me to practice shooting anymore so I miss, becuase she knows i will still go 3 times a week anyway. I don' t rifle hunt so I won' t get 10, that' s my week off of hunting.

anyone else noticed that the doe pee stuff really turns off does? always see a doe unless I use that stuff, then none but maybe, just maybe, a buck. and when does do come across it, they tend to get spooked.
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