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Default What's the best way to attract deer?

Hey guys...as my post below mentioned, I'm new to the forum, actually just stumbled upon it Monday morning while looking for some advice on trail cameras. Anyways, the purpose of my post is to find out what everyone thinks is the best method to attract deer.

Here's a little background...last year, my family and I walked into a deal that was too good to pass up and purchased 60 acres of land in Northern Minnesota, strictly for hunting, nothing else. The land is great...it has a little bit of everything. 2 big clearings, a slough (thanks to the beavers), and small stream running from a lake at the south end of the property to a lake just across the highway on the north end of the proprty, a large hill (I'd guess about 500 ft. higher elevation than the base)....basically its got a little bit of everything for Northern Minnesota. Anyways, we've seen tons of deer up there and I actually shot this buck last year, even though we purchased the land about a month before hunting season and had very little time to scout out the area.

The reason I'm asking is because we just recently built four feed bunks, which we typically fill with corn and a mineral block. However, I've heard many other suggestions as well.....apple blocks, vegetable blocks, vanilla, urine drip bags, and a variety of other things. We're about 3 1/2 weeks away for rifle season in Northern MN and I'm planning on one last trip up to put out some corn and try to attract the deer to our stands now that we've scouted out the territory.

What works best, how exactly do you do it, any examples would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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Default RE: What's the best way to attract deer?

corn, corn, corn, It is probably the easiest and cheapest,it's just not always the best for the deer, but it'll attract them...They love pumpkins too, once they figure out how to break em open! I get them cheap from farms after halloween is over! Break one open then lay the rest out! The best thing I found is, use something they don't have....give them variety...
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Default RE: What's the best way to attract deer?

I've always found that if it's something new to them, it may take a while for them to try it..unless it has a really sweet or attracting smell to it. Try a couple things and give us some feedback as to what did/didn't work.
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Default RE: What's the best way to attract deer?

2 words............BUCK GRUB........period
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