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zmax hunter 10-21-2009 08:14 PM

Kansas Archery/Rifle Deer Hunting
If you are looking for an affordable Kansas archery hunt on some excellent North Central Kansas private land, please shoot me a PM,. Unit 7 and 8.
I currently do not offer xbow hunts without a verifiable disability. Hand drawn archery only.
Lodging will be provided by as part of the package price. Good luck out there where ever you go.

Please go to post #4 for pricing and other details, Thanks

zmax hunter 10-28-2009 04:38 AM

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Here are some of the latest trail cam pics, for those interested, you may call me @ 785-392-7230, Thank you for your interest.

jaredtaylor323 10-30-2009 10:01 AM

hey i am interested and was wondering price and details

zmax hunter 11-27-2009 05:24 PM

Here is the pricing for 2019

7 day hand drawn bow hunt, no crossbows, no airbows, & no mechanical draw locks without a verified disability.

all prices are per person.

Price includes Lodging,
all prices are for semi guided hunts
Does Not include tag/license/meals
There are no hidden fees,...

A $1000 non-refundable deposit will be required to reserve your hunt. Balance is due on arrival.

All hunts will be located on private land featuring creek or river bottoms, or woods with local crops consisting of corn, milo, soybeans, wheat, alfalfa, I have no contol over what crop is planted when and where,..the farmers typically rotate crops.

All hunts will be in Unit 7 or Unit 8 and most all areas will be within a 20 minute drive. I will have stands set over trails, food sources, rubs, and scrapes, are welcome to bring your own as well.

New for 2010 is the April 30th deadline to apply thru the state for your tag. All applications must be performed online, the following link will get you there.

If you are planning to come as a group, I will typically be taking a maximum of 4 hunters per week , the first to book and reserve their week will determine what weeks are available. I do have several hunters who maintain their choice of week, as they are returning customers.

Lodging will be provided thru our lodge, the
As for the Millstreet Inn, the walkout basement is now complete and will be available for your use as well,,...It consists of a mudroom, laundry room, bathroom with shower, pool table, and other games, double dining area, full kitchen with bar, sectional couch area with a 50" television, and other seating. It is a great place to relax have a drink, fix a meal or just hang out. I am still working on getting the pics added to the website.

Archery season will start about Sept. 15th give or take a day or 2, the state has not released season dates yet. There is a small chance of killing a velvet buck during the first few days of the season,,,bucks are generally shedding velvet during this time but it is a great time to get onto a non-pressured buck.

It is archery season during our muzzleloader season, several of the past ml kills were within bow range, under 40yards, so dont think you cant kill a buck with a bow in sept. and early october.

If you have any questions, you may PM me here or call/text my cell, 785-392-7230

Regards, Brian

zmax hunter 11-27-2009 05:32 PM

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Here are some more trail cam photos

zmax hunter 01-05-2010 05:39 AM

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Latest buck,...named him "Goofy", Will be waiting to find his sheds and see what he grows this summer. Looks like he might have a broken G2 on the right side??

Duckbutter48 01-07-2010 05:47 AM

I am not familiar with Kansas game laws. Can you tag more then one buck during rifle or M/L season or is this a 1 deer hunt?

zmax hunter 01-09-2010 12:58 PM

Originally Posted by Duckbutter48 (Post 3549620)
I am not familiar with Kansas game laws. Can you tag more then one buck during rifle or M/L season or is this a 1 deer hunt?

Kansas is a 1 buck (antlered deer) state. Thanks for asking

zmax hunter 01-12-2010 01:46 PM

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Checked a camera today, found another nice 10 pointer. Got him during all hours of the day. These show his rack best.

zmax hunter 01-20-2010 03:45 PM

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Peer Pressure!!!! All this talk about shed hunting and people seeing deer that have lost their head gear made me go for a walk today. Skies were perfectly overcast, temps were tolerable, snow is melting so things are a bit muddy, I have to think it was worth every step. :)

I havent got him on trail cam, but I found them both, they were about 150 yards apart.

The right antler measures out with 71"
The left antler measures out with 73 3/8"

Looks to be a 160 class buck with a 16" spread

The larger of the 2 small ones is most likely from last year, it was kinda buried in the grass, the smallest is a fresh shed.

I just might have to go for a walk a little more often, :)

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