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Wool Colthing

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Default Wool Colthing

Been researching wool clothing,thinknin of heading that direction as far as clothing.Just got back from my colorado elk hunt and made the decision,its time to change clothing. A local hunter that i know out there swears by king of the mountain wool, wow its expensive!. Anyone familiar with cabelas brand wool? or any recommendations?
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I have the cabelas name wool mix pants and used them for several years in Kansas hunting. they were great. I used a cold gear top with a army wool sweater and flannel top. I stayed warm just had to add a coat every now just didnt wear it when walking around. good luck
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Default Wool Hunting Clothes Years Ago

Much of my early hunting clothes were my been used wool clothing that had seen better "dress" days. No thought was given to "camo" outfits. Still warmly remember a wool coat and pants and harvested deer.

Turned a couple of former dress Shetland wool sweaters into "baselayer" decades ago. No worry about a former hole here and there.

I have a black pair of wool slacks that are saved for some cold weather hunting. Weren't bought in an outdoor store.
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I am very familiar with the Cabelas brand wool. More specifically there Outfitter series. Great stuff. Not only do you get the benefits of wool but they also add a layer of there Dry Plus lining for extra protection. I'm not aware of any other companies who add another layer such as Gore Tex. I could be wrong but I think all of Cabelas Outfitter series wool is on sale. The only gripe I have is the bibs or pants cannot be hemmed and come standard at 32". If that length works for you then great but I like 29" for hunting. Lucky for me the previous version was slightly different and I was able to get them hemmed.
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I LOVE me some good wool outerwear!!!

A couple years ago I found a STEAL on a pair of Columbia Gallatin Range wool bibs and JUMPED on it as I'd been wanting to try wool outerwear in place of my bulky, large goretex outwear I'd had for umpteen years. (Columbia bibs and oldschool Browning quad-parka)

I found them to be excellent, warm, VERY comfortable and not nearly as bulky as the other Columbia bibs I had. The only downside is they aren't fully waterproof and will give you fits if you walk through cuckleburrs, nettles, heavy briars etc... But most of my hunting is done in ladder stands with roofs and/or shooting houses so I don't require waterproof clothing while actually on stand. The wool will turn water/mist/snow fine and being wool, it actually still insulates should it get wet!

The Columbia wool bibs are sized correctly and the hem-line/length is very long for fitting and heming for each customer.

Then lastyear right after Christmas I caught a Browning Full-Curl 3n1 Parka on sale at MidwayUSA. It's a great coat as well tho cut a little tighter than the Columbia. If I had it to do allover again I would order the next size up in this Browning wool parka. With it's removable down vest the parka can be used during many different conditions. The Full Curl wool is windproof and HIGHLY water "resistant".

Short of sitting IN/ON snow or wet ground, both wools are "snowproof"... but snow is a rare treat during deer season in TN!

I've yet to find conditions to cold for the Columbia wool bibs! The Browning Full Curl parka is rather thin (compared to traditional material parkas) but I consider it sufficiently warm for stand hunting as long as temps remain above appx 35degs. (I seldom wear insulated underwear, vests, sweaters etc... usually just a thick flannel/chamois shirt and regular hunting pants) If below freezing temps are called for I still break out my old Browning Quad Parka (old, original Mossy Oak Treestand color. I want to say I got this coat in the late 80s, early 90s?) as it's full down liner and thick goretex shell trimmed in fleece is EXTREMELY warm! (But again, thick and bulky compared to the wool)

Now that I'm sold on wool outerwear I am considering upgrading my wool parka from:

Beaglewear; (of Benoit Brothers from Maine fame) their "Extreme Coat" appears to be VERY interesting to me!

Filson; their infamous "Double Mackinaw Cruiser". Tho quite expensive, this is perhaps THE Cadillac of wool parkas!

Woolrich; their "Classic Field Coat".

For those who've never wore quality wool outerwear... they'd never understand!

In cold weather I even wear a wool lined hat (Filson Insulated Packer Hat), my gloves are the old triedNtrue "Morris Feel Glove" type thin wool gloves and my warmest boots are my woolNfelt lined Sorel's. The biggest attraction to wool for me is the warmth it produces while still being thin and of course the comfort and silence of the material itself. I store all my hunting gear in a cedar closet at my farmhouse and when the time comes for it to really need a deep cleaning I just leave it out overnight in a steady rain (might sprinkle a little baking soda on it) then let it air/sun dry for a day or two. For "in between" cleanings a couple times a season I'll hang my hat, coat, whatevers on the fence during a bright, sunny day and let them air out. (I've NEVER let my wife "launder" my hunting equipment. Good way to have your favorite outfit come out smelling like a flower store OR fitting babies!) Even my 12 & 17yr old boys are beginning to ask for wool and realize "this old man might be right on a few things hunting related".
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Big wool fan! Big Filson fan also!

Pricey but worth it IMO. Coat and pants by Filson , hat Stormy Kromer.
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If going the wool route save money by getting tops at your local thrift store. Wool shirts and sweaters can be had for under $5, including merino wool. I've even found some cashmere at that price. Another option is some of the hiking/climbing/hunting gear in alternative materials such as the Sporthill 3sp fabric. The 24hourcampfire (backpacking) forum has some good threads on hunting clothing.

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Originally Posted by elkoholic41
Been researching wool clothing,thinknin of heading that direction as far as clothing.Just got back from my colorado elk hunt and made the decision,its time to change clothing. A local hunter that i know out there swears by king of the mountain wool, wow its expensive!. Anyone familiar with cabelas brand wool? or any recommendations?
I've got some recommendations: used wool. Get some M51 army surplus wool trousers on the web -- probably $30 or less. These are medium weight wool trousers. They are durable and warm and 100% wool. They are just as good as ANY medium weight wool trousers and much cheaper. Find a Pendelton 100% wool shirt on Ebay or other site for $25 and buy it. I've bought new Pendleton at $80/shirt; I've bought used Pendleton at $20/shirt. Both perfectly good and serviceable. I also use a Filson wool vest that I love, but I bought new at $125. Obviously no deal there, but maybe you can find something like this on sale somewhere?

Wool is great. It is warm when wet. When it is warm outside, wool is not as hot as you might expect it to be. Wear a base layer of wicking fabric -- polypropylene or Under Armor stuff -- beneath the wool. Also, wool is silent. You are right to make the move to wool.
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Heh,heh. My bestest buddy out doors is a itchy wool shirt from a garage sale a few years back. It came with a 5 dollar bill in the pocket!
Others have come from sales over the years,won,t head far with out one once it gets cold as a layer and worn over a shirt when warmer.
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Default Filson, made in the USA. Superior quality.

This stuff is the best out there. Some of it is on sale now. Which is a good opportunity to support our neighbors (usa).
I've not worn the pants. But, the bibs are outstanding. The straps are very comfortable. Remember to buy a larger waist size. A couple inches is what I did. If you try them on at the store. Look to see if you could tolerate even larger size. Room to grow.
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