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300 Mag Recoil

Old 09-06-2011, 08:24 AM
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Default 300 Mag Recoil

I'm wondering what is the best option out there feeling less recoil. What is the best Pad out there are the sims pads any good. Thanks
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Need more info what make/model rifle and what do you plan on hunting with it?
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Old 09-06-2011, 09:11 AM
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Good fit & good form is the best answer to your first question.

Second question is best answered by seeing which recoil pad they put on expensive custom rifles & shotguns...........pachmayr decelerator
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Old 09-06-2011, 06:49 PM
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Any of the so called 300 mags - 300 Weatherby Mag., 300 Win. Mag, 300 WSM, 300 STW, 300 Rem. Ultra Mag. etc., ... all have a fair amount of recoil. The best solution in my book is the length of pull being fit to the shooter. A good recoil pad might help, but frankly I have not found them much good when it come right down to it. Hunting situation, I don't notice the recoil. With two exceptions .... 12 ga. , 3.5" turkey loads and 416 Rem. Mag. They rattled me so much at the range, it was about all I could do to not think about what was about to happen !!!

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Default Depends on what part of the option you are on

If you already own the rifle, and found it "kicks", they've been selling stock pads for decades for hunters. Nothing new there for sportsmen.

And I'd be the last one to say every rifle fits everyone. Everyone has to make their own judgment. I remember when I was a totally undersized, underweight. Would have been called lil oscar, if the name hadn't been given to a classmate, and found a Winchester 30-30 kicked me like a mule. From that I learned to lean more heavily on accuracy and not kick.

From that lesson, I used what kick was appropriate to harvest the animal. Knew a stocky hunter who used a light recoiling rifle. He appreciated, I could tell, that I didn't bat an eye, that he was using that light recoiling caliber. I knew it worked on deer. And it was his choice. Not mine.

Still remember firing the first shot in that 30-30 lever action.

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Pachmayr Decellerator and the Remington/Limbsaver pads are THE best I've experienced in 30 years. So much so that every single gun of mine that needs a pad in my 3 dzn plus collection now either wear the Pachmayrs or Limbsaver pads.

Proper form also, snug up and a good cheek weld are essential with big rifles and 3.5" turkey guns.
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I like the limbsaver myself. Tamed my 35 whelen down enough to where it doesn't bother me to shoot it anymore!
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Good fit & good form is the best answer to your first question.


My guns fit me well: Few of my rifles have recoil pads. The recoil of .300 magnums does not bother me. i have one gun that sometimes gets to me. It's a lightened Thai Mauser in .375 Alaskan Improved that has a straight grain butternut stock. That gun weighs 6.5 pounds without scope.

Many guys spend too much time shooting heavy recoiling guns from a bench. Take a rimfire rifle to the range. Fire your big gun a few times. While it's cooling shoot off 20 rimfire rounds. This helps control flinching too.

Years ago there was a skinny old gun writer named Col. Charles Askins who was impervious to recoil.
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Old 09-10-2011, 02:43 PM
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Go eat some concrete and harden up!

The recoil of a 300 magnum in the field is not noticable in the hunt
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Default Recoil

Dito HL, I have Limbsavers on my 3.5" 875, Rem 30-06 and on my 300 wby mag. and I could tell a significant difference in all. Maybe I'm a wimp but I can concentrate on the shot at the range and nothing else. And yes when shooting at game you don't really notice either way. But if your going to practice a lot why not be comfortable instead of trying to show what a he-man you are. For me it made a big difference in my groups.
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