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What caliber @ 100 yds.

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Default What caliber @ 100 yds.

Hey guys

Next month I'll be heading down to SC for my first hog hunt. I'll be hunting out of a stand over a feeder. I'm not sure of the distance but I'm figuring that the longest shot will be 100 yards.

My primary gun of choice is going to be my TC Omega with 2 pellets of 50 gr. Pyro topped with a 250 gr. TC Shockwave. However, just in case for a back up, I plan on bringing my Dad's .35 Rem., using 200 gr round nose Federal ammo.I may even decide to hunt with this gun since he's no longer with us and it will make mefeel like I'm sharing the hunt him.

Here's my question are both of these load sufficent todo the job if I get a 100 yard shot? Will they have the power to punch through the shoulder plate or will bullet placement be a crital factor in retrieving my hog? In other words at 75 yds. plus only go for a neck shot? If that's the case I'd rather not use these guns since anything canhappen to throwthe shot offand I prefer to have a clean kill.

Thanks in advancefor you answers ................. Joe
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Default RE: What caliber @ 100 yds.

Recently I have been hunting with my 35 Rem with 200 gr soft points and I shot a 195lb hog at 10 yds right behind the shoulder and it did not pass through. It left a good blood trail but I ended up having to shoot it again in the head to finish it off. Last week I shot a 60lb hog in the neck and dropped it and it did pass through that time. I still have confidence in that gun but I have decided that gun will be hunted in areas 50 yds or less. If I was hunting in an area that I would have 100 yd shots I would take my 30-06 with 150 gr soft points. Just my opinion. Either gun you take good luck on your hunt.
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Default RE: What caliber @ 100 yds.

I have a .35 Remington and it is an excellent hog gun. I've shot a 300 lb boar in the shoulder and it didn't penetrate all the way through though the heart and lungs were mush. Most guns we use won't shoot completely through the shoulders at longer ranges though as long as you penetrate the first shoulder it will destroy the heart or lungs. The shield on a large boar can be 1-1/2" thick and is like a armor plate. Though on smaller boars or sows we never had any problems at all.
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Default RE: What caliber @ 100 yds.

.30-30 170gr NP
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Default RE: What caliber @ 100 yds.

If you shoot one with your T/C let me know how that works out for you. I've never shot one with my muzzleloader, but have always wanted to.
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Default RE: What caliber @ 100 yds.

Hey guys,

Thanks for the replys. I'm waiting for a reply from our outfitter as to what yardage most shots are taken at. If it's over 75 yds. I think I'll leave the .35 home and take the .30-06. In any event the T/C will be my first choice if possible. I also happened to find some 200 gr. Silvertips for the .35 before I wentto the range this weekend and if I use that gun, that's the bullet I'll match it up with they shot a very nice 1 1/2" 3 shot group at 100 yards! Now I only have about 6 rounds left, but I figure that's 6 pigs on the BBQ pit!

Texas Hog Hunter - my trip isn't until the middle of Feb. however rest assured I will post my sucessfull ( I hope ) results when I get back.

In the mean time, if anybody else wants to add thier expirences or thoughts about using the .50 cal. muzzleloader or .35 Rem. please do so.
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Default RE: What caliber @ 100 yds.

Congratulations on coming to SC for hogs. We have plenty of em. I work at a hog hunting lodge and have seen hundreds of hogs taken with all weapons. All of your choices of weapons are sufficient for taking hogs. The main considerationsare the bullet construction and bullet placement. Heavy constructed bullets are your best choice. Think about how much you're spending on the hunt and ask yourself if it is worth the price ofone premium box of ammo. I've seen many hogs wounded and not recovered, especially huge trophy boars with that armored shield, because of the bullet not penetrating. I have seen the shield stop a .30 caliber soft point on impact with the only damage being broken ribs from the concussion! A large boar is undeniably the toughest game animal in North America. Sows and young boars don't have this plate and most deer ammo is sufficient for them. On bullet placement. If you are confident, the ear hole is the most effective shot. They do notrun away from that one. Other than that, aim forward and LOW. A hog's heart lies completely covered by it's front legs which contains heavy bonesthat require the aforementioned heavy built bullet to penetrate. It's lungs do not reach but just a few inches behind the front legs and are low. The spine of a hog drops down from the base of the skull to the level of it's jaw in it's neck before curving back up under it's shoulders. A hog with a 3 inch mane and 7 inches of muscle above it'svertebrae can beshot6 or more inches down onthe neck and not hit anything vital. Usually these hits will knock the hog down momentarily and then theit takes off not to be recovered. So if a neck shot is your preference, shoot below the halfway mark. Like dangerous game, if it is down but not out, put another round into it. Hogs are notorious for not leaving good blood trails, especially the wooly ones. Hope this helps and good luck on your hunt.
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Default RE: What caliber @ 100 yds.

Just came back from hunting a hog this past weekend. I love .35 cals, but never had a .35 rem. I do 90% of my hunting with a .358 Winchester, hence the login name.
I use onlymy handloads for this round as boxes of Winchester Silvertips are more of a collectors item than off the shelf rounds.
I used a 225 grain Sierra Game King in .358 diameter. Load isnear the top end for that bullet(49 gr.IMR4895). The accuracy is awesome and the knock down power is truly " lights out!"
The reason I mention this is because a handloader might be able to make you a good hog round for your .35 Rem. Since the gun means so much and you like it for accuracy reasons, this might be a viable option. Your '06 will kill'em, no doubt. Your Dad's gun will make the hog and the hunt worth more than words might say. The picture you take for your wall will be special each time you look at or show friends. Your Dad's rifle will lie next to your hog!
For what its worth, I'd get them loaded and hunt that hog! My Dad has been gone now for 7 yrs and I have things of his I'll cherish forever. His tackle box is in my garage and fishing rod also. My 5 yr old son will be fishing with his Opa's rod this summer. Need I say more!
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Default RE: What caliber @ 100 yds.

I am kind of in your boots aswell. Im going on my first hog hunt the 9th of Feb. I got a new CZ rifle in December. Its a .22 hornet. I realy want to use it on this hog hunt. Im not going for a big pig, under a hundred pounds is what Im after. I have been told a couple of times that a shot in or under the ear will do the trick with a .22 hornet. But those pig move alot and will have to take carefull aim and hit the mark the first time.
If I dont use the hornet I do have a 7.62x39 in an Ak-47, or my old modle 70 in 30-06.
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Default RE: What caliber @ 100 yds.

They both should solve any of your 100 yard Hog problems!
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Quick Reply: What caliber @ 100 yds.

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