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new pistol

Old 11-16-2003, 04:46 PM
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Default new pistol

hey everyone,
i am planning on getting a pistol. i would be hunting deer, moose, and everything in between(and maybe a few chipmunks). what would be some reccomendations. thank you for your input.
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Default RE: new pistol

I' d have to reccomend the Contender or Encore handguns
Calibers? Well, thats the fun with these guns, there are a bunch of calibers you can try out, buy, sell, trade til you find that perfect combination

If your wanting a revolver, you couldn' t go wrong with the old 44 mag. in something like a ruger redhawk or SW


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Default RE: new pistol

S&W .500 Magnum! It' s a barn burner, but the thing shoots smoother than my Ruger Super-Redhawk .44 magnum. Probably because it weighs 5 pounds. Good luck man!
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Default RE: new pistol

Ah, I had forgotten about that boomer. Ya that ought to take care of just about anything and perhaps a little more
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Default RE: new pistol

I' d have to go with the TC also. Either the Contender or the Encore. Awesome versatility. One frame, multiple barrels. You could get .22 Mag, .25-06, 30-06, and numerous other calibers all in one basic handgun. Shoot anything from squirrels to bison.
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Old 11-17-2003, 07:02 AM
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Default RE: new pistol

The TC Encore is a great choice. They have something like 80 different barrels for it. You can even get a 15" black powder.
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Default RE: new pistol

well since im a revolver fan im going to say get a 44mag, 454 casull or a 480 ruger in a in single action like a ruger blackhawk(rules out the 454 or 480 without going custom) or freedom arms, or a super redhawk from ruger or a raging bull from taurus.
though i also like the single shots so i guess that would be a way to go as well
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Default RE: new pistol

If you' re planning more toward the moose, get a Ruger Redhawk or SRH in .454 cassul or .480 ruger, if you' re leaning more toward deer, get a Ruger Superblackhawk or redhawk in .44mag, they' re solid as a gun can get, and as accurate as any factory guns I' ve dealt with. The .44mag is all you need for deer sized game, while if moose are going to be more of your normal quarry, then the more powerful .454cassul or .480 ruger is the way to go.
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Default RE: new pistol

Well I do need a little more info to make a better recommendation for ya but here it goes.

Single action pistols ruger/freedom arms are my tops for choices. In any caliber greater than 44 mag. Remember the 44 mag in a good firearm is awesome. 454 in ruger or freedom arms will take care of anything you want.

Double actions my favorite. Ruger/S&W/ or my favorite Dan Wesson. With these you can get 44 mag 45 long colt awesome if you reload and have a good strong revolver to shoot it with and 454 as said before it will do anything. Last but not least you have the 445 supermag from Dan Wesson and my favorite. WIth Dan Wesson you can change barrels so If you want to use your gun as a primary hunting weapon you put on a 10 inch barrel and go at it. Or if you want a pack gun or a backup gun put on a 4 or 6 inch barrel and you are off and ready to go. No handgun Revolvers that is, is more versitile as the Dan Wesso line of guns. You can also shoot 44 mags out of the 445 supermag and is still very accurate. And also shoot 44 special but I found these not so accurate in mine.

But there is some good info to get you started.

Good luck and its addicting so don' t say I didn' t warn you first.

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