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Pistol buy

Old 01-29-2020, 05:47 PM
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Default Pistol buy

Last month I took a required pistol safety class, to get a permit to acquire a handgun. I've shot clay targets for a long time, but pistols are a new world to me. I tried several makes in 9mm. I cannot shoot the Glocks I tried very well, but then again, I S*#K as pistol shooting. The contest for me, is between Sig p320 and M&P 2.0. I'm kinda leaning towards the M&P with the idea of putting more $$ towards ammo and practice.

Have any of you guys had issues with M&Ps, function or service from S&W?
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Nope, if you shoot it well that's a fine choice. Lots of people carrying those on duty or for personal use. Good history of reliable performance.

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no there both solid guns your looking at

one thing I will suggest to a new hand gun buyer is, BUY the gun that fits your hand best, don;t get stuck on brand or model
as a gun that fits your hand better you will always shoot better than one that doesn;t NO matter the price tag on it!

and take some shooting classes/training for a GOOD hand gun teacher
learn how to do things the RIGHT way before you start and make bad habits
as its a LOT easier to teach a new person with no pre conceived idea's
than trying to take some one that has bad habits installed in them

when I did training, I found it SO much easier to train folks with zero experience than those that THOUGHT They knew it all or didn;t need to learn anything!
MEN< seemed to have ego's more than skills at times, and it took longer to get them to break there bad habits.

and handgun shooting accurately IMO< is a skill most are NOT born with!
so don't expect to be great from day one, it takes time, practice and repeat-ability of learned shills
start CLOSE< don't worry about needing to, and move back as you get better!
and keep in mind, most hand guns are NOT made to be super accurate ! in most all carry guns
there designed to be accurate enough and be reliable
there not bench rest rifles made to shoot real tiny groups afar!
and still MOST hand guns made today will be more accurate out of a rest(than most can shoot them free hand) !
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I like the M&P line of pistols. I own 3 of them. One thing I like besides the reliability is a follow up of what mrbb said above. The M&Ps (except for the Shield and another model I can't think of right now) have interchangable backstraps for to change the grip size to fit your hand. A lot of people on here say it should "fit your hand" but some don't really know what that means. And I was one of those people until a few years ago when it was explained to me by a long time handgun instructor.
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try an EAA witness in 9mm they are very accurate

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Is this for carry or range practice to familiarize yourself with handgun shooting? I recently purchased a Beretta PX4 storm compact that I fell head over heels with. The way the barrel/bolt are designed really reduces recoil so follow up shots are much quicker which is really good, and rare, in a compact carry pistol. It points naturally and comes to aim quickly for me. They aren't that expensive either. Lots of bang for your buck. I'm a fairly large guy so I can get away with full size pistol CC better than a lot of folks but I feel really comfortable with this little pistol riding IWB at 4 o'clock position. You may want to take a look at one at your local dealer/range and feel one for yourself. You should always do that with any handgun because if it doesn't fit, you won't shoot it worth a tinkers darn anyway. If slimmer and smaller is what you want, take a look at the S&W m&p 9 shield. Another sweet little pistol that rides like it isn't even there. I wasn't a striker fire guy at all until I shot it and the sig p320. Again, this is all dependent on if you plan this pistol to carry or to just use for home defense and range shooting. I own a 320 and have shot most in the M&P line and honestly the 320 is a better shooting pistol but not really by enough to matter. If you want to really make an M&P pop, drop an apex trigger upgrade in it and go to work. I dropped one in the shield and it made a world of difference in an already good shooting pistol.
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