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Originally Posted by MXB360
Very true Champlain Islander. Guess the best bet is to get your guns of choice before the election. At least that way there you already have them. I don't really think they will take away any guns, but, the assault weapon ban will surely come up. When Bill Clinton signed the one that he did in the 90's, the one's already owned were grandfathered in. Hold on to what AR's a person has because the price will double on the private market for them.
AR,s are plentifull and cheap currently and if the witch is elected their price might sky rocket and become scarace again like they did when this current ignoramus was elected.
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Originally Posted by MXB360
I don't really think they will take away any guns, but, the assault weapon ban will surely come up.
Yep!!! Keep on thinking that way! Keep your head in the sand! For the past 30 years or so, I have heard people say: "Naw, they'll never take our guns!"
It has been getting closer with each election! We are only ONE SCOTUS Justice away from ditching the 2nd. Amendment and having an American gun BAN!
I'm sure there were many people in the U.K., Australia and Canada that didn't think it would happen either!
I sincerely hope I never have to say, "I told you so!!!!!"
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As a business they have the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. But in that process they shouldn't be able to embarrass or belittle anyone. Some employees don't know how to handle some situations and handle them poorly. But I would expect cabelas to look into it. And if someone there was wrong they will try an make it up to you
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Originally Posted by super_hunt54
It's not just their policy, it is a FEDERAL LAW. It matters not if you are beyond a legal limit. If they can smell alcohol on your breath, they can not, by penalty of imprisonment, sell you a firearm. Point blank and period. Had I been at the counter you would have been told that very same thing. As would anyone else on this forum. Have to say, your creating an account and making a negative post is not the way to start out on this forum. Especially when you are 100% in the wrong.

Edit to add: To clarify this for you, under federal law, it is illegal to sell a firearm to anyone that appears to be under the influence of an intoxicating substance. Now, the feds don't expect sales folks to keep a breathalizer under the counter so they just made it simple. 0 tolerance period. If they smell alcohol, by law, they have to deny sale. It's pretty straight forward. Just because YOU can handle a "couple of beers" doesn't mean everyone else can. How was that sales person supposed to know whether or not your "couple of beers" wasn't a couple of pitchers? Back when I drank, I could drink 3 full pitchers of beer and you or anyone else couldn't tell from my speech or body movements that I had drank a single drop. But if I hit the breathalizer, you can bet I'd blow over the limit!
Can you please post the applicable USC section. I have never heard of this law, and I know of far too many of them.
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Sec. 10-9-50. - Selling weapons to intoxicated persons.
It is a Class A municipal offense for any person to knowingly purchase, sell, loan or furnish a gun, pistol or other firearm in which any explosive substance can be used, to any person under the influence of alcohol or of a controlled substance, as defined in Section 12-22-303(7), C.R.S., to any person in a condition of agitation or excitability, or to any minor under the age of eighteen (18) years.
Any such unlawful purchase, sale, loan or furnishing of a weapon shall be grounds for the revocation of any license issued by the City to such person.
(Prior code 13.12.150; Ord. 4 1, 2005)
There ya go.
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Originally Posted by MXB360
Quick update:
Contacted Cabelas about my experience. They are in the process of investigating the situation after I wrote and told them about my experience. They told me regardless of alcohol on my breath they had no reason to shame me like they did in front of people. So will see what happens I guess. Guess they are not allowed to blurt it out so loud that all can hear, and make me stand at the counter for 15 minutes, and keep telling me I will be right there.
I had a issue at a Cabelas about 10 yrs ago and when I got home I email the corporate office and explained what happened,they sent a email back asking for date and time and if it was a male or female then about a week later I received a email apologizing to me saying they saw what happened on video. Long story short,they treated me very good and a few days later I received a 100.00 gift certificate in the mail with a copy of the email.......Long story short,just because a guy isn't wearing Dockers and a Polo shirt is no reason not to help them,my two boys were with and had there Saturday play in the field/dirt cloths on also.......Never judge a book by its cover...
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