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Guns Like firearms themselves, there's a wide variety of opinions on what's the best gun.

guns and whitales

Old 03-12-2014, 09:40 PM
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Originally Posted by streetglideok
I have a pair of 1895's, one is a Marlin 1895SS, and the other is an remlin 1895GS. I'd almost go with the 1895SS between the two levers.
Would you be willing to elaborate on the differences you can see between your REAL Marlin and your Remlin?

I have two GS's, among a few other REAL Marlins, and I'm in dire want of a new 1895 Cowboy, and another 1895 GS.

I've seen two Remlin 1895 GS's that turned me off big time, poorly fit stocks, ill-fit bolt, lots of machine marks in the action. I've also HEARD that these early hiccups have been rectified and that the newer runs are of better quality.

But, I'm still nervous about trusting the Remlins, especially considering the current prices are more than twice what I paid for any of my REAL Marlins between 5 and 20yrs ago.
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Old 03-13-2014, 04:21 AM
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Well, the remlin guide gun actually feeds better than the new haven gun did. I had issues out of the box with the marlin with the extractor. Probably need to just replace it with a new one. Had to bend it to feed over the lip of the 45/70. The things I like about the remlin guide gun, short, and light. Things I didn't like about it, is the increased recoil vs the 22" gun, and how the lever dug into my hand under recoil. Granted those were some warm loads, lol. Fitment of the remlin seems decent enough. Stock on this stainless model, almost looks naked. Doesn't look bad against stainless, maybe that was the intent.
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Old 03-13-2014, 08:50 AM
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I've got 3 Marlin lever guns. One a 1968 336RC 35Rem inherited from my grandfather. It's FLAWLESS and I enjoy using it in my swamp when the weathers nice!

The other two are "Remlins" bought in 2011. When my oldest son turned 16 I offered to buy him a larger deer rifle than his 243 Wby. He wanted a SS 45-70. We happened across a brand new 1895 STBL that has been FLAWLESS out of the box! The beautiful stainless, the great walnut stocks, the Pachmayer pad.

My boy made me jealous with that big thumper so it wasn't long until I had to have my own. I decided on a brand new1895G 45-70 my local Gander Mtn had on their rack for over a year. It shot GREAT out of the box but didn't feed for crap! I had to pull the ejector clip out and polish it, the loading ramp as well and then I oiled the entire action and cycled it 1000X. (After a season of use I had to likewise pull the plastic cap off the magazine spring and sand on it as it was beginning to hang. It somehow got a little out of round.) The gun shoots lights out and the 300X Buffalo Bore's run through it like crap thru a goose!

I have over 2 dozen big game rifles, mostly bolts BUT when I walk off down into my west TN swamp there's just something that "Feels right" about doing so with a med/big bore Marlin levergun! I hate Remington has done what it did with Marlin but I understand with the new plant in the Carolina's and their impending HQ move from NY to AL maybe there's hope for Big Green afterall. I REALLY hope the entire operation gets bought away from the Wall St. firm that has owned it since what the 90s now? THEYVE been the reason the entire ships been dragging bottom for quite some time now. I know "bidne$$ is bidne$$" and $$$ is the goal, but I sure would like to see Remington owned and run once again by GUN FOLKS!!! (And they've bought ALOT of names over the last few years haven't they? Marlin, T/C, H&R, Bushmaster to name a few)
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