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I'm more worried about 2 legged predators than 4 legged...
Sadly I must agree with nchawkeye. I carry a Ruger "Police Service Six" .357. I wear it so that it is clearly visible to act as a deterrent.

Good luck.
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Originally Posted by Sheridan
.357 "snubby" revolver.

You should wear one.................or you may just end up wishing you had !!!

+1, for both 2 & 4 legged predators, I'd agree with this suggestion. A lightweight .357 with 2-4" barrel would work well for both.
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Originally Posted by alleyyooper
Most guys I know being attacked by a cougar would just lay back and enjoy the experience. Al
You wish!! lol
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My Ruger Super Redhawk DA revolver chambered for 454 Casull/45 Colt. I would probably use some high end round in 45 Colt.
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I usually carry my Ruger Mark III .22 Handgun,I would reccomend a Buckmark .22 or the Kel-Tec .22 Magnum or a 9mm would be even nicer!You can carry a Handgun during Bow Season also in MO if You a Concealled Carry Permit!I usually carry a handgun while a Coyote Hunting in Case of a fast unexpected close encounter or if I decide to shoot a small game Animal that is In-Season or for protection while Scouting in the Off Season!

I'd rather carry some type of Gun/Rifle and not need it than go out Un-protected and wish I had something?
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Ruger Sp-101 .357mag.

Saying a person shouldn't carry a handgun in case of cougar attacks is like saying a person shouldn't wear a helmet on a motorcycle (I'd guess it's a fairly safe bet that cougar attacks have a higher survival rate than highway motorcycle crashes 55mph+, with or without helmets). On the off chance you have a need for it, better to have a slim chance of survival, opposed to none.

I don't even notice the SP-101 hanging on my belt unless my seatbelt catches it getting out of the truck (lefty with a crossdraw). .38spcls are plenty for Missouri.
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Originally Posted by hookeye
I kinda like the new Smith M60 pro, wish they made it in Scandium.
Hadn't seen that model, pretty dang slick. I have a 60 "Ladysmith" (bit shorter barrel, bobbed grip), had one several years ago, tracked another one down to cure my seller's remorse a couple years back.

But for the money, the SP-101 still has my favor. But then again, when it comes to revolvers, I bleed Ruger red.
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