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10/22 Suppressed, SBR and bumpfire...

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10/22 Suppressed, SBR and bumpfire...

Old 02-23-2014, 11:13 AM
Fork Horn
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Default 10/22 Suppressed, SBR and bumpfire...

I am about to build a Ruger 10/22 conversion. 8" barrel, sparrow suppressor and SlideFire SSAR-22.

Has anyone done this?

My SBR+Suppressor weight will be less the Stock ruger barrel...less weight=more recoil.

What will the net affect of a suppressor be..more or less recoil?

My fear is dropping $1k and 12months to have a platform that won't bumpfire.
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Old 02-23-2014, 04:01 PM
Fork Horn
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I can't say for a 22. But for my 300blk out, it seems to raise the pressure some. It cycles better with a cyclone suppressor.

I myself would stay away from the bumpfire stocks and 22's. My buddy has one and it takes a delicate touch. Won't cycle well with lead bullets, and seems very picky on what bullets it does like. He paid over 5 bills for it, and I myself felt bad for him.

Funny enough, my son at 5 seems to have the perfect touch for the bumpfire to operate. He let loose a full 30 rounds without a hitch. I only got one magizine full to work, and the owner a few. Lots of jams.
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Old 02-23-2014, 04:32 PM
Fork Horn
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Thanks for the feedback. That's my concern if/when I convert to SBR..it's pretty much locked into that configuration.

The high visit of the slide fire does include an upgraded $200 trigger kit (I guess that makes me feel a little better..but it is expensive plastic)

I posted this on a few forums, with fairly little input. I figured this would have been done numerous times. Youtube doesn't even give me any hits on this setup.
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Old 02-23-2014, 09:17 PM
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Originally Posted by desertloper
I figured this would have been done numerous times.
Pretty sure that wasn't a fair assumption...

1) SBR = one regulatory hoop to jump through, narrows the pool of people that may have ever done it.

2) SBR 22lr = low probability. Why spend the money for a .22lr SBR? For my money, I'd rather have something else.

3) Suppressor = second regulatory hoop to jump through. While they're becoming more popular, they're still not what I'd call common.

4) Slide fire device = another low probability oddity. The practicality of this device severely limits the market of users.

So combine all of those factors together, then I'd honestly figure that an suppressed SBR 22lr in a slidefire device stock is probably about as common as bigfoot.

My experience with suppressors, on 22lr as well as larger calibers (6.8spc, .223rem, 308win, 284win) has been that they reduce recoil, even on similarly weighted barrel vs. barrel & can systems.

If you're worried about having enough energy to cycle the slidefire device (maybe I'm misunderstanding the point of your post?), then I'd likely go looking for an opportunity to retune the device. Last I knew, the popular model of this device was a spring return device, which is a simple fix - new, lighter spring. If it has now converted to a hydraulic system - then the porting would need to be opened up or a lighter oil used. Whether you want to go tinkering on a high dollar item yourself would be up to you.
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