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woods gun

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Default woods gun

hi guys I have a question for some people who know more about pistols/revolvers than I.. I live in Missouri and not really in bear country just some cougar (and they are few and far inbetween) so what cal revolver/pistol would you guys carry in that situation.. thanks
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In a nutshell, NONE.

I grew up in cougar country and have never worried about having to protect myself from one. The number of people that have been attacked by cougars in North America in the last 150 years can be counted on both hands. Your odds of getting killed in a car wreck on the way to the woods is a lot better than getting attacked by either a cougar or a bear.

Besides, very few people can shoot a handgun in a high stress situation accurately. Anyone that has been in combat will attest to that. If I had my panties in a twist and was paranoid about walking in the woods I'd carry a pump shotgun.
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In a handgun for the situation you describe, a 9mm or 357 will do the job. I do agree with Flags that a shotty with buckshot might be a tad more versitile in a rash situation.
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22wmr is all you need if the almost non-existant cheeky cougar would cross your path.
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in a revolver 41 mag or 44 mag, in a semi auto, a Glock 10mm
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heres you a cougar pistol
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Originally Posted by buckman11
heres you a cougar pistol
Thats not powerful enough. What he needs is a 105 millimeter howitzers, it should do the job perfectly. I wouldn't worry about cougars, but if I was going to carry something I'd do something small like a glock 36, Ruger LCP, well any that are small and won't get in the way.
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I'm more worried about 2 legged predators than 4 legged...I have hunted over 45 years and for 40 I never carried a pistol when hunting...

I have started carrying my Glock 23 with 155gr hollow points...
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.357 "snubby" revolver.

You should wear one.................or you may just end up wishing you had !!!
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Most guys I know being attacked by a cougar would just lay back and enjoy the experience.

But if it is some thing you may not like a 22mag in a Ruger single six will work fine. Just aim for the knees.

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