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New shotgun

Old 11-02-2013, 04:36 PM
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My personal favorite is an over/under. With screw in choke tubes, you can easily hunt any flying game and shoot Trap, Skeet, or Sporting Clays. You also have two shots just as fast as you can pull the trigger.

I bought my Browning Citori a little over 20 years ago and I have shot well over 100,000 shells through it and it still shoots great.

Rem 870's are fairly inexpensive, but are reliable guns. About 10 years ago a local sporting goods store had a sale on Rem 870's so I bought one, mainly for upland bird hunting and for shooting steel shot for waterfowl. Extra screw in chokes are about $20 each, and again, with a quick change of chokes you can shoot just about any shotgun sport with an 870. Mine has the black finish on the metal and is in a black plastic stock. I call it my ugly gun. I have run 25 straights at Skeet with it, I just have to remember to pump it for the second shot in doubles.

I'm not a fan of auto loaders. Every year just before bird seasons open, a lot of "once a year" shooters show up at our Skeet range. There is always someone with an auto loader that has a problem with a jam, or stuck shell, or some other problem.
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Got to say, ive taken about everything you can legaly shoot in Illinois with my 870. been dunked in mud, dropped in a creek, rained on in the field, and more. keeps on shooting
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For the game you want to hunt I would say you want the option to shoot up to 3.5" shells, with that said I would look into the Mossberg 835, or the 870 Magnum. If you want to shoot up to 3" shells look into the the Mossberg 500 combo on Sale at Dick's Sporting Goods for $300, or the Remington 870 combo for $420
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"bowhuntercop" said it....that's what I said the other day on here. The Mossberg 835 is a great gun. that's what I have. the option to shoot the 3.5 is awesome. You can mount like a red dot scope or something on it if you wanted for turkey hunting or deer hunting and take it off for wing shooting or shooting into thick brush etc. That gun is a beast. Ive dropped mine, lost it, shut it in the hatch door of my jeep, all kinds of stupid things and it shoots perfect. It doesn't really like the cheaper ammo, like it shoots federal coppers better than just regular federals. And they are priced affordable and you can find them anywhere and in any camo pattern or black.
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all this talk about new Mossberg 835 is older model its been around for a while and even though it shoots great still, I wanna get a new 835 and set it up just for turkey hunting/deer. aaaaaaaa someone lend me the money for it! hahaha
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Benelli! Theres nothing like em.
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Originally Posted by Sheridan
12 gauge autoloader.

Good kill all first gun;

X2 on the Stoegers.

I bought the M3000 Camo Turkey edition this spring and love it! The only noticable difference between mine & the M3500 is the latter accepts up to 3-1/2" shells. While the M3000 will take 3" shells. I don't plan on using over 3" shells while hunting, so I went with the M3000 for $100 less price. They have a great Benneli inertia driven action. This allows the trigger group to remain very clean compared to other gas operated semi's. I believe them to be a very reliable & quality shotgun for the money.

P.S. Also bagged my first tom with it. 25lbs with 1-1/4" spurs!!
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So many choices, and so few of them are actually bad!

One of the few times in your life you're going to be in that situation

Try one of these: Baikal MP-153.
Tough, cheap autoloader, shoots 3.5 shells.

But Remy 870 is a fantastic gun. I have three now, and I used to a few more. So is a Mossy 500 and a Mossy 835.

I could talk merits of each, and many others, for hours.

Handle and shoot as many of them as possible and see which ones you like best.

Then see what deals are available.

Your choice may become obvious at that point.
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Was at a turkey shot more then 50 percent of the people their were using 870. A lot of rem 1100 as while. A couple of Winchester models 12. But mostly remington.
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The Benelli Nova is a great gun. I use it for hunting just about anything and have never had any problems with it.
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