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New shotgun

Old 10-29-2013, 05:28 PM
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Default New shotgun

Am looking to get a shotgun. I want to be able to turkey hunt primarily, but I would also like maybe into duck, pheasant, trap and or skeet. It will most likely be in 12 ga. I am not sure what shotgun would be good for all of these things. I have heard great things about the Remington 870. Would that be my best choice? Do you guys have any suggestions?
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Got 4 870s. They are great guns used them for turkeys, small game and some upland birds. Never hunted ducks but one of the 870s I have the guy I got off of used it for ducks before steel shot was required.
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12 gauge autoloader.

Good "kill all" first gun;

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In a pump id go mossberg 500 great shotguns. For what u want id go autoloader reminton bennile if u got the cash. Nothing wrong with a 870
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I prefer mossbergs because of the location of the safety. It couldnt be in a better spot for hunting. I have a mossberg 500 and dont have any complaints at all.
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I am a Mossberg guy its really all I own. But if you are wanting a gun for so many diff things you are gonna need to invest in numerous chokes. And since you want to go from deer to turkey to ducks a pump is nice but you really want an autoloader. Especially for ducks and all. Personally I use my pump Mossberg 835 for everything. im used to the pump so much so hunting geese or ducks and having to shoot fast is just normal. So yea Id say Mossberg 500/835..semi auto..get a barrel that's not to long and not to short since your using it for bunch of things. Like maybe a 26" or something. let us know what you get
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The Mossberg 500 Combo with cantilevered slug barrel (rifled) and vent rib field barrel is a good option. I have one, but mine has the smooth bore slug barrel with rifle sights. The slug barrel will shoot rifled slugs into a 2-3" group at 50 yds no problem, and those slugs cost a whole lot less than sabots. I could take a deer out to 75 yds with no worries. With the standard full choke in the field barrel, I have shot turkeys out to 35-40 yds, so the gun will do what you're looking for. An 870 is just as good a choice. Can't lose either way you go.

I do my slug hunting with a scoped Marlin 512 bolt action. The gun is no beauty queen, but it shoots the bullseye out at 100 yds, and I've taken a pile of deer with it.
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Don't know your budget and you didn't say. You also didn't say what action you would like. For my nickel I would go with the 870 combo new and a old wing master 870 used. Great shot gun simple and very rarely give any trouble. With choke tubes you can change them to do all you require.
Won't be the greatest trap or skeet gun but it will get you by.

A nice OU will also do all you require and is simple in operation and lends its self to trap and skeet a bit better.

My brother would argue that the SS is the way one should jump.

As a reloader I detest hunting for my hulls.

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I would have given the same advice on the 870 combo, but I bought one about 6 years ago. The bluing (or whatever it is on newer Rem's) seems terrible to me and the stock and foregrip seem cheap as well. To me, that indicates the whole gun is probably cheaply made. I had a similar problem on a Rem ML (turns out it's not manufactured by Rem, but Rem was willing to slap their name on it). So, I'm pretty much down on Rem lately. For the money, I think it's hard to beat Benelli (I own a Supernova and love it). I have friends that love their Mossbergs, but don't have any personal experience with them.
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Nothing wrong with the Rem. 870.

Also check out the Benelli Nova pump. I have a Nova set up for turkey and it has done great. A wide variety of choke tubes are available for all both of these proven pump actions.
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