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ok guys

Old 07-22-2013, 12:17 PM
Nontypical Buck
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Default ok guys

I've been an active member since 1998, recently I've face a dilemma that was pretty unsettleing to me, so I have made my decision, its a done deal, my posts have been deleted and I will not be responding to threads on the forum. so if anyone has any questions for me about rifles, bullets or reloading send me a pm or email at [email protected]. good shooting all
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Well, I'm going to miss you...You are one of the few that doesn't post in the Black Powder section that I will listen to...

Good luck in all future endeavors!!!
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Sorry to see you go, Ridge. You will be missed.
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So sorry to see you leave RR...have always enjoyed your posts and learning from you.
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Anyone else curious what the unsettling situation was??
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It's probably against the rules to ask about his reasons and against the rules for RR to answer, so just email him at his [email protected] to find out.

RR, I'll definitely be contacting you in the future for advice and answers about the many loading and gun related questions I'll have cross my path.

Will miss your info here, but will catch you on your e-mail. Good luck in all.

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Sorry to see you go RR! I don't post near as much as I used to, but I still keep up with the board. There are not many of the old originals on here anymore. Anyway, shoot straight and keep the powder dry!
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Dagnabbit James, You stubborn, hard headed, old fart. I understand why, (we talked about it) but I don't like it or agree. Life is full of bumps, and burms, holes, corners, pitfalls at every turn. When I encounter an obstacle that seems to hold me back, or maybe I don't agree with, or was just wrong in the 1st place, I refuse to just give up. I will either prove it to be wrong, make it right, or accept it as knowledge of what that path may hold in the future (even if it was wrong).

I can't change what happened, or reverse it. I wish I could have copied all your post. A ton of good information has been lost. That is why I didn't delete them for you. Sheesh, we have been friends on here for many many many years. (about 12 years I think) I cherish that time, it has been a lot of fun. I feel like I am losing a part of me, and I am. You are part of my hunting family. Life isn't always fair, but sometimes we just have to duck n dodge n learn n make the best of it. Your presence here will be sorely missed my friend!!!!

If this brings a tear to your eye, Good, It hurts to think of losing a family member. We just went through this recently, and he was one heck of a guy too, and it's not frickin raining on my face this time either!!!

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Very sad situation....................

Losing a great guy & a wealth of information and experience !

If does not see it as a great lose, certainly WE do !!!!

Beginning of the end, as I see it..........................
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Nontypical Buck
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Sorry to see you go, you'll be missed.
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