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Is the .308 good for Hogs & Elk? >

Is the .308 good for Hogs & Elk?

Guns Like firearms themselves, there's a wide variety of opinions on what's the best gun.

Is the .308 good for Hogs & Elk?

Old 03-22-2013, 06:09 AM
Nontypical Buck
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There's no 308 shells on the shelves by me,there's 30-06 on the shelves but that wont last too long...i hope. So if i was buying the gun today ammo availibility might play into my decision.

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Old 03-22-2013, 09:08 PM
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anyone who says a .308 cant take a certain game species probably doesn't how to place a shot (or wont admit to it), or just plainly hasn't used a 308 to take whichever species in question. I will concede that a .308 has its limits and is usually romanticised about exactly how far it can be humanely used. smack a gong at 300 yards then shoot one at 600 or even 900 and you will really see what im talking about. a 308 will reach way out there but I really feel its at its best in the first 300 yards. that said I will take a .308 over anything for any use I might need a center fire rifle.
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Old 03-23-2013, 09:27 AM
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Having hunted Elk for several decades in Colorado and mostly Wyoming and carried many different rifles ranging from .257 Roberts to .300Wby Mag. I can say with a reasonable amout of certainty that what ever YOU shoot well will be effective. Put the leak in the right spot and it will die.

I used to arrogantly tell my wife not to shoot at any Elk with her .308 beyond 200 yards unless I was there to back her up with my Belted magnum. This year, in Wyoming, she shot her Elk at 545yds, uphill, in a 30mph+ crosswind. My Elk was right next to hers. Hers went down on impact and mine took two more shots. What can I say, she shoots better than I do.

My opinion: SHOT PLACEMENT is paramount and projectile selection is right up there in importance.

P.S. - Now that I had the misfortune of moving to Texas (annogram for Taxes), I'll likely buy a .308 for myself. Great round!!!
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