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Got this on PM from fritz. Thought it was pretty funny. Its turned from a guy who thinks Montana Firearms freedom to well, since you state facts, you are antigun.

Sounds to me like I am trying to argue with a fed. Are you? Or are you a anti gun activist?, Its amazing you are the ONLY one on here disagreeing and trying to argue about it. HMMMMM! You know what ever you say, I still have friends in Montana that can go to the gun store and buy a silencer, without any paper work or any questions asked. If the government is going to raid these people, like you claim, and take there leaglely purchased silencers, its going to take awhile, most people in Montana that I know have them and I think the Montana Malitia will have a little say in it.
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Originally Posted by hoghunter59
how much of a problem is it to purchase a silencer, i would like to set up a rifle for hunting hogs at night, and have the capability of putting on a silencer

I can only speak of my personal experince. Thinking it's pretty much the same for states that allow these class III items.

I am going through the process of purchasing a supressor here inTexas right now. Basically it goes something like this.

Find a Class III dealer. Mine happens to stock a good variety of suppressors. Pick the one you want, pay the dealer. He will in turn give you some paperwork.

Without going the trust/corp/LLC route you will need a chief law officer endorsement signiture and finger printing on the paper work. Once you get the paper work completely done you will send it and $200 off to the BATF.
They will do a complete background check with the information you provide them. The wait time varies a bit, 2-4 months seem to be the norm for this process. When you get their approval, the BATF notifies yor dealer and then and only then you can pick up your class III item.

It's really not a big deal, just takes a little time and a little money. Hope this helps some.
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