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Stuff that's just bugging me

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Default Stuff that's just bugging me

Here is just a brief overview of Q&A that annoy the hello otta me.

Can I hunt with my 4" .357?
Oh,gawd no! You gotta have at least a .44mag with the übber slayer heavy weight bullet.
How about we try ,
Is it a leagal firearm by your regs,can you keep all 5-8 shots on a 8" plate at 50yds,yes,then yes I believe YOU can .

Should I get a bigger rifle for elk all I have is my .30-06 for white tails?
Them elk are tough , you gotta get at least a 338WM a a 375 H&H is better(why not a 458 Lott or a 50BMG).
How about,Can you keep 5 shots on a 8" plate at 200yds with a 180grn bullet,go hunting man.

Why can't I kill geese with my23/4 11/4 oz mags with TT or BBB ?
Get rid of the sissy loads dude you gotta get 31/2 12 or a 10ga,you gotta have an 11/2@1500fps then them geese will tumble.
How about have you tried an 11/16 of 1s , a lot of times that big shot just balls up in the feathers.

My favorite responce, you have to have xxx ftlbs to kill x because ftlbs kill .
Ummm,ok ,all this time 4 generations we thought it had somthing to do with trauma and blood loss,Lancelot's bow only delivered about 30# to target,Ol'Geronamo's was probably less than 25 but millions of deer,elk and moose died by them. Just the other day I read that a 6"45Colts wouldn't kill a white tail cleanly unless you stepped up to 325gn +Ps,really , well don't tell my Security 6 in 357 it needs another 150ftlbs to match that old 255gn850fps Colt it finished 2 mulies with through an throughs from 40 paces, I carry my Colts now because I shoot it better not because it kills deader. Rifles ? Did you know that quigley rifle the 45-110 loaded with the same 405gn soft point will nearly match the 458 WM ,with in 150fps? (Lyman 48th edition). My referances and calulators show me that the 223 ,30-30,and 45-70 are just barely legal big game cartridges here in Nevada,just barely making the 1000ftlb cut with nominal factory ammo ,yet every day posts are made to the effect "223 is completely wrong for deer,its just maginal for coyotes" but nobody ever questions a 45-70 for elk. I just ran a typical forester 12ga 1oz slug add it to the just barely list too.

Ok this was a rant ,and I do feel better now .
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Don't bug me a bit, I just won't reply to these type of questions.
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Can I add this one as its so relevant and honestly current....

Which is better .308 vs. 30-06 for whitetail ?

to that I say "better at what dude".

Do you really know so little about firearms to the point that you really don't know or are you just posting to be posting ?
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Since this site has been a bit slow the past year or so I've often wondered who might be posting some of these questions...Especially when you see a newer poster...Almost makes me thinks the owners are dreaming this stuff up and joining with a new member name....
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I don't mind the questions,its the answers. A couple of seasons ago I'd spent the summer casting working up a load and during June,July an August shot 300+through my trusted tuned tweeked 06'.I had cleaned her up and gone out to validate my hunting loads ,scope , etc and it was all over ,those same loads,last years and fresh,in the spring were shooting half dollar groups. After a complete explaination a poster suggested that I "learn how to shoot". That was way helpful.

I believe that there will always be a 308/06' debate and that the .357 will be the ugly duckling .

It is I think our responciblity to teach the young and refresh those that have just beeout of the loop a while.
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Me & my Buddy have killed deer & hogs with .357. Is it the best caliber for that kind of hunting? No, but it's plenty good enough to get the job done, just don't push your limits. If all I had was a .38 snub, I would use it, but I would be sure to be so close that it was a clean kill. That's what counts at the end of the day.
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I've killed deer with a40s&w is it a deer gun? No but I know and trust my life with my beretta and I feel confident with it on a deer out to 30 or 35 yards. If you shoot a gun profiecently then use it if your regs allow
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A lot of common sense and some time at the range will answer most of these questions. I once read where Elmer Keith killed some deer with a 45lc at some outrageous ranges. Anything is possible. Common sense says it's not probable. I'm not a fan of monster mags but for those that are that's wonderful for them. I do have magnums and hunt with them every year myself as well as other standard calibers. I say the man that shoots the most comes home with more meat.
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I guess the thing about internet forums that bugs me the most is how many guys are willing to give advice, or recommend/trash a product when they have no actual experience - but have read all about it somewhere (probably on another internet forum).
Opinions about "which is best" are often expressed by guys that have never done it or have minimal exposure to the topic. Even if the topic of the OP is very specific or technical some guys are not wise enough to keep their hands off of the keyboard.
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Or: 45 GI's are useless. Might as well throw it at a person.
2 inch snubbies are worthless past 10 feet.
Seems like so much is just hearsay rather than actual experience from an experienced gunman.
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