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What brand cartridge? What grain?

Old 08-11-2009, 10:46 AM
Fork Horn
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Default What brand cartridge? What grain?

Hello all. I was wanting some advice on .270 Win cartridges. I have a Browning BAR that I'm getting ready to rescope soon. I have been using Remington 150gr Core-lock bullets. What is ya'lls opinions on them as well as other brands? Should I stay with 150 gr or go to 130 gr??? Ballisticly which is better; 130 gr?? I am using this rifle for whitetail. I've heard good things about hornady bullets, can ya'll advise? thanks---Dr Asus
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I don't have experience with a .270, but, I think what you'll hear here is to try several different loads and see what works best in your rifle. The 130 gr. bullet will certainly work just fine on deer, and shoot a bit faster and flatter than the 150 gr.

I haven't used Hornadys, as for my purposes, I've never needed any kind of premium-type load. I use Winchester 150 gr. power points in my .30-06, Remington 100 Gr. Pointed Soft Point Core-Lokt's in my .243 and Remington "managed recoil" 140 gr. PSP C-L's in my 7mm Rem. Mag. Never had to take more than one shot at a deer with any of them...
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Every rifle has its own personality so what your rifle likes may not be the same as the next guys. Deer are easy to kill so there is no need for expensive premium bullet if you don't want to use them. I would get several different kinds of ammo and try them to see which your rifle likes best. Suggestions are Remington Corelokts, Winchester power point & Powermax bonded, Federal Soft Points, & Hornady Spirepoints. My opinion is stay in the 130gr. class but you can move up if you want the Hornady 140 BTSP have worked great for me in the past. I too am a Hornady fan so that would be my first stop but this year I am shooting Win, Power Max HPs.
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I used to shoot a .270 for deer, i tried every ammo under the sun but i can honeslty say my .270 was not picky at all in fact it preferred the cheap stuff. I used 130gr Remington Corlokts and honestly they shot the best out of my .270. The federals shot well too.

I shoot Primarily Federal Ammo out of all my guns, My .300WSM Federal, along with Shotguns, hand guns and other various sporting calibers. But the cheap stuff out of my .270 worked great. Try them all, but if your just shooting whitetails 130gr Corklokts are great. I shot a 9 point at 430yards with 130gr Corklokts out of my .270. Thats tuff to beat. Not to mention is about the cheapest bullet on the market and can be found at every store across the nation.
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My BAR in .270win loves federal 130gr, the cheap ones, blue box...cloverleafs'em...

I'd give those a try at the very least...

Ballistically which is better? I believe core-lokts tend to have a low BC, so down range they'll be slowing down faster and losing more energy more quickly...than say a more streamlined premium bullet such as a accubond...

on deer, any bullet from a .270 130-150 I'd say would do a good job, talking bigger game such as elk, I'd want a premium bullet, such as a nosler partition, etc...and more than likely in 150grs...or TSX, though I think a quality constructed bullet is more important than whether its 130,140, or in I'd rather have a 130gr TSX, than a 150 ballistic tip for elk...

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I think some calibers have an "optimum" bullet weight that works better than others, and that is assuming you are using it for deer. I've used a 270 for 35 + years and 130 grain is a great choice for deer. My rifle happens to like Remington ammunition so I stick with it. I have other rifles in other calibers that shoot like crap with Remington ammo. Those rifles do better with Hornady or Fedreal ammo.
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I would check out the nosler BT and accubonds in .277 cal also. BT's usually do good on deer in the 270 velocity range. Usually accurate too. In any case, the heavier bullets will have a knockdown edge and the lighter bullets will fly straighter. Theres alot more to it than that buts thats the basic theory so a 140 is a "happy medium".
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In any case, the heavier bullets will have a knockdown edge and the lighter bullets will fly straighter.
Heavier bullets may drop more,but they can fly just as straight.
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