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Concealed carry considerations

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Default Concealed carry considerations

So, what to you makes the ideal carry weapon? Is it a 1911 clone or a revolver. Is it a .45 ACP, .40 S&W, 9 mm, 10 mm, .357 mag? If you like 1911's, and had tons of $, what would you select and why. Do you like Ed Browns, Wilson Combat, Kimber's or others. If you just want basic simplicity are you a Glock guy or do you like Kahr's, SA's or others? If revolvers are your cup of tea, do you like Rugers, S&W or others? So, what's the cats meow in your view?
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Default RE: Concealed carry considerations

I did a lot of homework before I bought my concealed weapons. I have 2. The first one is a 38 hammerless revolver. It shoots +p and would be plenty to stop a person of any size. No safety to deal with when my wife or myself would be under a stressful situation. My second one is a S&W 9mm. It has 16 in the mag and one in the chamber. It's a little harder to conceal than I would like but a jacket or a loose t-shirt and I'm good to go. It has a 8lb trigger and will never shoot tiny groups but it's the same as my 38, no safety to deal with under stress. The guy that taught my CC class emphasized how nervous you would get if you felt your life or a loved ones life was really in danger. That's why I chose guns without safety's. I can pull either of my concealed carry weapons out point it at the assailant and start pulling the trigger. That was one ofthe most important things to me. A reliable gun, easy enough to conceal, adequate power, and no safety. Cocked and blocked and ready to rock.

Edit- I'm also on the waiting list for a Ruger LCP when it comes in. I don't much about the gun itself but have heard good things. Hornady makes a personal defense round for it that is suppose to be the chit. For $269 bucks, I'm in.

Like they say a .380 in your pocket is better than a 45 in the truck.
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Default RE: Concealed carry considerations

Whatever one can pull and use in the dark...The first requirement is that the user is very comfortable with his weapon...

I like my Glock 23...
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Default RE: Concealed carry considerations

1911's are heavy, but plenty of guys do it with a good holster and belt. What makes them nice are their flat profile.
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Default RE: Concealed carry considerations

I chose the Kimber pro crimson carry. Once the lasers dialed in just point and shoot. And at 28 ounces i wouldnt consider that 1911 heavy.
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Default RE: Concealed carry considerations

Glock 27 for me.
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Default RE: Concealed carry considerations

IMO the 3 main considerations are reliabilty, size and weight.
Revolver or pistol is a personal choice.

I wouldn't go with too large of a round in a small lightweight weapon. 380 or 9mm in a pistol or 38Spl in a revolver and stoke it with +P ammo. Regular ammo for practice and +P for carry. Most incidents where a CCW would come into play are very close range. Practice and familarity is the key.

A CCW does you no good if it's sitting at home because it's too cumbersome to take with you.
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Default RE: Concealed carry considerations

I use my Ruger P89 9 MM.I use an inside the belt/pants holster situated in the small of my back.A jacket or loose,untucked shirt hides it well.If it went off,I guess I'd blow my arse off,lol.Seriously,it's got a firing pin block until cocked.
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Default RE: Concealed carry considerations

i am a surgical tech here in Tacoma, wa
i see a LOT of gunshot wounds
mostly gang bangers and the such
mostly small caliber like .38 or .22
i have nothing wrong with a .38, in fact i want to get one
but they just don't do as much damage as i thought
we had a guy get hit in the back of the nogging and when we went in the bullet was literally like disintegrated
all the bone and brain was covered in lead powder ... no solid lead mass at all, i was very surprised
this was a small caliber by the look of the entry point, now i'm no expert but i know the entry point is slightly smaller then the actual bullet and most of the holes i see are very small
because of this that i have seen first hand i think 9mm is a better carry
.38 in the right spot will do the job but not ass often as a 9mm will IMHO
i also was on a case where this kid took a small caliber right to the chest, point blank, while ridding on a transit bus
round went through his sternum and angled across his right chest, punching through his middle and lower lobe of his lung untill getting imbedded into one of his ribs
if that was a 9mm it probably would have exited
that kid lived cause #1 we were able to clamp the bleeding lung tissue quickly while transfusing 9 units fairly quickly and 2# because he didn't have an exit wound all his blood was clotting/pooling inside him and putting pressure on the bleeding lung ... causing slightly slower bleeding among other respiratory problems, but if that had been a 9mm and there was an exit wound he probably would have died in the ambulance to be honest

i also would get a laser grip
at night you can't see your sites well, the laser would come in handy
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Default RE: Concealed carry considerations

also forgot to tell you all
that shot to the back of the head
bullet had very little penetration, probably 1" to 1 1/2 at most
you would be surprised how hard the skull
that guy lived and was actually coherent when he came in to the ER
he will probably have some sort of vision problems but who knows he may come out good as new
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