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Concealed carry considerations

Old 06-18-2009, 08:11 AM
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Default RE: Concealed carry considerations

Whitetail Fanatic, I've heard of many F2F / F2E issues with the 3 and 4 inch 1911's...Kimber in particular. Anybody else hear anything similar? Additionally, Kimber suggests a 500 round break-in with FMJ ammo. That will add some serious change to an already pricey weapon. I do like the Kimber triggers though.
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Default RE: Concealed carry considerations

I'v had one FTE in my full size 1911, I thnk I have between 3500-4000 rounds through mine.
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Default RE: Concealed carry considerations

to many safeties on most auto handgun for me. i looked for a while and ended up buying a ROSSI 2in barrel 357mag.its made almost the same as the taurus at alot better price. i gave 325.00 for mine in polished ss.

with this revolver anyone can fire it without having to practice,that fact alone may just save your life when under fire. i shoot 38's for practice and carry either 125hp or 110hp.

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Default RE: Concealed carry considerations

There are lots of greatoptions for concel carry and home defense, try to locate a gun range or dealer that lets you shoot different makes and models, some will fit you shooting style better than others. Or you can do what I did buy them all
I have the following :
keltec P3AT in .380
Ruger SP101.357
S&WMP .40 cal
Springfield XD .40 cal compact
Kimber Pro Carry II .45
Kimber Ultra Covert II.45
I love them all, But I probably carry the Kimber Ultra Covert II the most. The most important is a good holster and practice

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Default RE: Concealed carry considerations

I carry a Ruger LCP since July 2008. I usually keep Remington Golden Sabers HPs in it as most of the tests I've read about for the last year show it doing the best of all the HP rounds, plus it's about 10% heavier than it's competition, and the .380 can use all the penetration it can get. Although there was a story out last week where some kid shot an off duty policemen in the chest with a LCP, and one shot was all it took. So much for the .380 being an anemic round.
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Default RE: Concealed carry considerations

As a Cop, Firearms Instructor, and Concealed Handgun Instructor, I get these questions all the time. While I have my personal preferences, they are just that, my personal preferences. Beyond the hype, one should select a weapon that is within their understanding, and fits their hand. Rather than going to the biggest cal. that they can find, it should be the largest they hand handle under the stress of "Combat Conditions". This will be a weapon that they will be confident with, and will be able to use to the greatest effect.

Ego should have little to do with it, in fact, this is one of the reasons that women when given a little information seem to make the best choices, and pretty darn good shots. If a person follows these precepts, any action, any brand,(recognized as quality)will work. Oh! I have seen some very small frame people conceal some very large guns, so I put function at the top.

Just my opinion, based on what I have seen in 27 years of Law Enforcement, and teaching people to shoot.
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Default RE: Concealed carry considerations

.38 Hammerles & Sig P220 .45
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Default RE: Concealed carry considerations

About 90%of the time I carry a S&W Model 60.Others my Kimber full size.Once in a blue moon a Model 20 Glock with the lasermax internal.
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Default RE: Concealed carry considerations

ruger p345 with +p 230 gr gold dots
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Default RE: Concealed carry considerations

i also would get a laser grip
at night you can't see your sites well, the laser would come in handy
Tritium sites will fix that and you won't have a laser giving away your position.
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