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Check this shotgun !

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Default RE: Check this shotgun !

I just looked it up and you can get the AR platform in 9mm, 40 S&W, 45 ACP, 10mm and 50 AE. Not to mention a myriad of rifle cartridges from .22 rimfire to 50 BMG. At 1,000 dollars or more the .410 would probably be my last choice, considering you can get a really good pump action for 200 or 300 dollars.

Like I said, you make that same gun in a 20 ga with a fully rifled barrel that will fire the modern sabot ammunition accurately and you might have a market for it. There are a lot of states here that are shotgun only for deer hunting and the new 20 ga slugs are pretty impressive ballistics wise.

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Default RE: Check this shotgun !


I found one for $264 on the net. It's the third rifle down. I'm kind of surprised at the prices for the 12 and 20's though, that's a bit high for what they are.

Saiga .410

That's about as good as you can get on them right now. I bought my .223 for $170, now they go for over $300, which is why I don't have it anymore. I just wish I had bought 10 of them. I want the 20 gauge next. A rifled barrel on that would really be something.
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Default RE: Check this shotgun !

Dear Paul L Mohr,

I just checked your message and went donwstairs and had a few shots to 7 mm steel plate from 15 meters.I tried two different brands; one couldn't make a hole but look what the other did is offline  
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Default RE: Check this shotgun !

All that proves is it will dent metal at close range, says nothing to penetration or bullet quality. My point is that for that kind of money there are much better options on the AR platform than a .410, especially in the U.S. . Maybe you guys have better .410 ammo than we do, but ours is pretty limited, crappy and expensive. It's not a very highly regarded cartridge here.

I just can't see anyone paying that kind of money to shoot a soft lead under powered bullet from a smooth bore gun when there are better options that would be more accurate and cost less to shoot from the same platform.

You can argue it all you want but I don't know anyone that is going to make a .410 their go to defense gun, let alone a tactical weapon.

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Default RE: Check this shotgun !

I live in the UK and was looking at one of these in my local RFD's. Does anyone know if aftermarket AR15 handguards and buttstocks will fit. It would lookgreat with a magpul UBR and a daniel defence omega attached.
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