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325 WSM...Recoil

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325 WSM...Recoil

Old 04-21-2008, 04:18 PM
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Default 325 WSM...Recoil

I was thinking of getting the 325 WSM in the browning Composite stalker and a guy at the store said they recoil pretty hard i was thinking of putting on a limb saver recoil pad on it...........For all those who have shot a 325 WSM...How bad do u think recoil is like what would it be comparible to?...And do you think if i put a limb saver on it would it have less recoil???
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Old 04-21-2008, 06:02 PM
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Default RE: 325 WSM...Recoil

Iwill be the first to admit thatI havent shot a 325 WSM but I would think the recoil would be similar to a 338WM in the same rifle.

I love the Limb Saver recoil pads they do reduce recoil, I have them on several of my rifles.
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Old 04-21-2008, 08:01 PM
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Default RE: 325 WSM...Recoil

I can't imagine it being much/if at all worse than a .300 WSM, which I hear is less than a .300 win mag, because the WSM holds less power.....and IMO my .300 win mag kicks, but in no way bad, I also own a .340wby and shot it unscoped, ie less weight, and I have to say it kicked less than my .300 win mag, the reason? i attribute quite a bit to it having a pachmyar recoil pad, comes factory installed, never used a limbsaver pad, but I'm now sold on Pachmyar, so I'd suggest them, not only do they have a cooler name.....but I've just never found limbsaver to do much for me, always came off as gimics etc....I'm sure their pads work fine/well, but if I were adding a pad to any rifle, I'm sold on the pachmyar.

So if you can shoot a .300 wsm, I wouldn't worry, and get yourself a Pachmyar Pad!

Personally I think any adult male should be able to handle a .300 WSM ......or .325WSM for that matter, I'm sure it kicks, and lets you know it kicked, but in no way should it be overwhelming.
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Old 04-21-2008, 10:18 PM
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Default RE: 325 WSM...Recoil

I recently shot the 325wsm in a BrowningMedallion with factory pad. Using 200gr handloads the kick was more then 300's I have shot and I found it sharper thenmost 338wm loads, not more persay but rather a jab vs a good push that 338wm seem to give. Like most wsm's I notice them more muzzle jump due to the smaller/lighter package which probably accounts for the sharpness I feel vs there counterparts. FYI, I just picked up my 338wm Browing Stalker and shot it this weekend, with 225gr very moderate handloads it felt just fine with the factory pad. You know when you shoot either and I wouldn't sit down on a bench to crack out a ton of shots with either but they certainly aren't horrible either.

An addition of a either a sim or pachmyar pad would help the felt portion for sure. I have used both and they work! The sims IMO is slightly better at the cushioning portion where as the pachmyar resin is more durable and user friendly for me as I wear a lot of fleece outerwear. I find the sims to be tacky and grabs fleece, just not as smooth in shouldering as the pachmyar IMHO. If LOP is a factor (as the recoil pad will lengthen the LOP about 1/2") &/or your just worried about range work the other option is a PAST shoulder pad. I have one of these and it also works very well off the bench. I never used it with my 338wm this weekend but plan to once I start ramping upfor load development.

As far as the 325wsm goes I thought about buying one found a LH 325wsm Browning at a good price but in the end the 8mm bullet choices are still a limiting factor. Especially here where I found only 4 possibles I would use being a elk/moose setup - 200gr Nosler Part or AB, 200gr Barnes TSX and220gr Seirra. The 338 I have numerous options from 200gr to 270gr locally. In terms of factory ammo the 325wsm had only 3 locally and 338wm has numerous as well as being stocked at near every mom and pop shop outside of the major centres. Something you may want to consider.

If your really worried about recoil buy a 7mm rem mag, recoil is not a lot different the 3006 really. Less then the .300 in a comparable gun but with the selection of ammo/bullets every bit asavailable& capable. Since most 300 user don't go above the 180gr mark, the 7mm rem magshows very well with 160gr bullets. I have useda 7mm rem mag to shoot a number of moose and elk, wouldn't hesitate to suggest it for such. As far as longer range deer, done that as well and will continue to call upon my 7mm rem mag. Its not that I needed a 338 I just wanted to buy a LH one..price was right so I did but I gaurantee the 7mm rem mag will along on every trip as well as a reliable, trust worthy back up iron.
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Old 04-22-2008, 08:36 AM
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Default RE: 325 WSM...Recoil

WW - I have the Browning Micro Hunter in 325WSM. Topped off with a Burris Short Mag scope. The total package weighs in at just a tad over 7 lb. Its short and light. But as with everything it comes with a cost. I handload 200 gr accubonds for this rifle and it is really accurate. The recoil, although sharp, is tolerable if you areused to heavier kicking rifles.
I had a Ruger 77 in 300 WM and have a Ruger #1 in 405 Win. I would have to say the recoil is somewhere in between them.
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Old 04-22-2008, 08:58 AM
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Default RE: 325 WSM...Recoil

A good friend of mine has a 325 in a Kimber, and has been going through load workup. I have shot it a number of times, and really don't feel that it generates as much recoil as my 338 WM in Model 70 Win. As the other posters have said, gun weight and personal fit and shooting style have a whole lot to do with felt recoil. It can be a very subjuective thing. If you are used to shooting the bigger guns, including 12 ga., you should be able to deal with it just fine. A good recoil pad such as Limbsaver will help take a bite out of it, but it's never going to feel like a 243.
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Old 04-22-2008, 03:37 PM
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Default RE: 325 WSM...Recoil

What will it be like a 308 Win or what 270 win 30/06 haha what will it be like
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Old 04-22-2008, 04:28 PM
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Default RE: 325 WSM...Recoil

Go with the PAST super magnum Recoil pad. IMHO, they reduce felt recoil the most of any recoil pads.... and it's not even close.
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