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Guns Like firearms themselves, there's a wide variety of opinions on what's the best gun.

Explain Bullets

Old 12-31-2002, 11:56 AM
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Default RE: Explain Bullets

Here's a few more questions.

What is flat trajectory and is it something that you look for in bullet?

Partition vs ballistic tip pros and cons. Are there other options?

Boat tail?

Is 30-06 Sprgfld bullets different from 30-06?
I ask because only the 30-06 Sprgfld is listed here.
<BLOCKQUOTE id=quote<font size=1 face='Verdana, Arial, Helvetica' id=quote>quote:<hr height=1 noshade id=quote>
Caliber Index/EDI No. Bullet Wt. Bullet Type
6mm Remington PRB6MMRA 100 PSP Boat Tail
.243 Win. PRB243WA 100 PSP Boat Tail
.270 Win. PRB270WA 140 PSP Boat Tail
.280 Remington PRB280RA 140 PSP Boat Tail
7mm-08 Remington PRB7MO8RA 140 PSP Boat Tail
7mm Remington Mag. PRB7MMRA 140 PSP Boat Tail
.308 Win PRB308WA 165 PSP Boat Tail
.30-06 Sprgfld. PRB3006SA 165 PSP Boat Tail
.300 Win. Mag. PRB300WA 190 PSP Boat Tail
.300 Wby. Mag. PRB300WBA 190 PSP Boat Tail
<hr height=1 noshade id=quote></BLOCKQUOTE id=quote></font id=quote><font face='Verdana, Arial, Helvetica' size=2 id=quote>
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Old 12-31-2002, 02:24 PM
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Default RE: Explain Bullets

All bullet trajectories are in an arc, not flat, dropping just after leaving the barrel. But you can use the word flatter in comparison of other cartridges. The flatter a bullet shoots, the less velocity it sheds, and retains more downrange energy and less drop. This is most desireable.

You mention some of the Nosler bullets: Partition bullets have just that, a copper division in the middle of the bullet so when the front half of lead expands or is broken away on impact, the solid lead filled bottom half of the bullet can still punch through. Good for use on larger animals or shots on bone and where deeper penetration is desired.

The Ballistic tip uses a poycarbonate tip to protect from deformity and give better aerodynamics to it. These bullets use a more fragile jacket without the partition to give more violent mushrooming, the plastic tip of the bullet is driven into the lead core to initiate expansion. Used for smaller thin skinned animals, when bone is hit, they tend to blow up in a big way. Lots of people I know who hunt deer, swear by these things for the gaping holes they create.

All bullet makers produce some sort of premium style bullets in popular weights and calibers to mimic what Nosler has done with their line.

30-06 is Springfield 30-06, named for the rifle for which it was originally chambered in. If you encounter something like 30-06 Improved, that's different from a 30-06 Springfield.
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Old 01-01-2003, 04:32 PM
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Default RE: Explain Bullets

Herman_and_bill- I happened across a website just now that describes what happens when you fire a .308 in a 30-06 rifle. Kind of humorous if anything.

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms... who's bringing the chips?
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Default RE: Explain Bullets

Briman, it was several years back and I did it on a dare,
I'm older now.
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Default RE: Explain Bullets

I was at the range one day and a guy came with his latest purchase of a 1891 Mauser Carbine in what he was told was 7mm Mauser. So he proceded to try and get the gun sighted in at 50yards, no luck. So he put a target at 25yards and the bullets were everywhere. I started to look at his cases and noticed that he was shooting 7mm Mauser cartridges in an 8mm Mauser gun. I took one of the cartridges and tried to compare the end of the barrel to the bullet and it was quite sloppy. But it did fire.

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