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Default 6.5x284

Is anybody using this for big game hunting? What do you think about it?
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Default RE: 6.5x284

Bottom line is it's a hellova round for deer and such! I myself,prefer the parent .284-just because I'm a 7mm diameter slut.
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Default RE: 6.5x284

It should be a fine deer cartridge. The case is shorter than a 30-06 but much fatter- it holds about 2gr less water than a 30-06 case. 6.5mm bullets especially 120gr and up are superior to .30 bullets in my opinion.

I don't have a 6.5x284, but shoot a cartridge that is a .284 case necked up to .30, which was most likely the original cartridge that gave Winchester the inspiration for the .284 as there isn't another american cartridge like it- 7.5x55 Schmidt-Rubin
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Default RE: 6.5x284

I just read a bit about the 6.5/284 in a shooting mag. (forget which one). Sounds like a winner. I have used its big (long action) brother the .264 Win. Mag. for a lot of years.

Robin in Rocky
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Default RE: 6.5x284

If everything works out, I'll pick it up this summer.
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Default RE: 6.5x284

I don`t really gun hunt, but I am building a rifle in 6.5-284 right now. I plan on using it for long range varmint hunting.

I have a buddy who builds customs long guns for a living, and he uses this caliber almost exclusively. He has taken several elk at over 400 yards with it, all one shot kills.
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Default RE: 6.5x284

I recently had Cooper build me one of their M22's in 6.5x284. Having just started load development at 300 yards, it shows promise with several loads shooting 3/4"- 1 1/2" using 140 SMK's. My intended purpose for this rifle is culling does out to 5-600 yards.

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Default RE: 6.5x284

You betcha!

I built one on a rem 700 action a couple of winters ago. Its a jim dandy.
I've shot deer with mine and it is an absolute hammer of thor. My father has shot Red Stag, Himalayin tar, Chamois, Pronghorn, and deer with his. His comment was: "It kicks like a 243, flies like a 7 mag, and hits like a 338; I think I like it!"

One thing though, DO NOT build a 6.5-284 on a short action. If you load 140's you will not be able to chase the lands and utilize the magazine. My father discovered this, so I built mine on a long action.
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Default RE: 6.5x284

What is the advantage of this caliber over the other 6.5's?

The 6.5 Rem Mag was a good cartridge that never really caught on due to the rifles they have been chambered in.

.264 Win Mag

or even the 6.5x55 Swede
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Default RE: 6.5x284

It`s a great choice,like most 6.5 `s.
I like the winchester version 264
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