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30-06 recoil

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30-06 recoil

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Default RE: 30-06 recoil

I have seen 10yr olds grin from ear to earshooting 30-06s and thenbrag about their bruises later. Never a flinch.

Some people not that way, they need 243

Noreal felt difference between the 270 and 06 in my opinion. To meit seems the270 is sharper and the 30-06 is fuller.

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Default RE: 30-06 recoil

Chuck Hawks says that the 7mm Remington Magnum actually recoils less than the .30-06!
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Default RE: 30-06 recoil

ORIGINAL: younggun243

Chuck Hawks says that the 7mm Remington Magnum actually recoils less than the .30-06!
That's only partially true. Comparing the same bullet size, 150 grain, the .30-06 recoil is 17.6 and the 7mm Rem Mag is 19.2. I would bet that a 175 gr out of the 7mm Mag recoils more than that 180 grain out of the '06.
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Default RE: 30-06 recoil

ORIGINAL: younggun243

Chuck Hawks says that the 7mm Remington Magnum actually recoils less than the .30-06!
The factors for recoil calculation are:
Bullet gr size
Velocity FPS
Weight of powder charge in grains
Weight of Rifle

Chucks tables aren't an equal comparison as the 7mm rem mag used has a weight of 8.5 vs the 3006 weigh in at 8.0 lbs. Therefore the Energy produced by the 7mm rem mag will be less due to the weight difference. If compared thesame weight gun the 7mm will produce a slightly higher Energy level across the spectrum. Without knowing the data (powder charge)he used it is impossible to say how much difference for but a guessusing an 8lb rifle instead would produce closer to 21 ft/lbs of free recoil energy.

This is whyall thetalk about weight as being something to consider. Fit, style/design, recoil pad, etccontribute to the felt recoil which is an unmeasurable standard by a formula but the portion that effects the shooter the most.

FYI, looked up some data on a 175 gr load and did a quick calculation based on what i have written down.
175gr Nosler partitio
2900 FPS (assumed)
62gr of Powder
8lb rifle

Produces 22.37 ft/lb recoil energy

online recoil calculator if introducedhttp://www.handloads.com/calc/recoil.asp
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Default RE: 30-06 recoil


I currently have a rifle in.270win and am considering purchasing a rifle in 30-06 Springfield.
My question is if there is much recoil difference between the two.

If you use 150-grain bullets at 2900 FPS in your .270, the recoil is the same as a .30/'06 of the same weight shooting a 150-grain bullet at 2900 FPS.

When you start using heavier bullets in the '06. recoil increases accordingly, BUT I find a 180-grain '06 load more pleasant to shoot than the 150 grain load - it is less SUDDEN in its effects!
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