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handgun fun

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Default handgun fun

ive got all rifles, but im considering buying a handgun to play with on the mountain. I would like a powerful but somewhat accurate one anyone have any experiance with them and should you get a scope with it?
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Default RE: handgun fun

First decide if you want semi or revolver. If you want a semi-auto a 45 is going to be the only one that *could* be used as anything other a paper-puncher. There are so many makes and model the sky is the limit. Semi's arent my area so I can't help much. Revolvers you can go 357mag. Recoil aint bad, and you could take deer at close range with it. Ammo is plentiful and cheap. 44 mag can be stout on recoil if you just want a "fun" gun. But 44 specials (which you can shoot in a 44 mag...they're just a shorter case) are bad at all. Not as available ammo as a 357 BUUTT a full-house 44 mag is potent deer medicine. S&W makes superb revolvers but they cost alot more than a Ruger. Ruger's are excellent revolvers and overbuilt tanks. I don't consider this a bad thing at all! They cost much less. I ordered a Stainless Super Black Hawk Hunter with Bisley grip. ("hunter" and "bisley" should read: optional=extra$$) For about the same I could've bought a used S&W standard 44mag. S&W will hold there value, maybe that's important to you.

If you just want a "fun" gun and don't want it to double as a hunting revolver I'd go 357 and never look back.
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Default RE: handgun fun

Do you want to hunt big game with it or just shoot it. The .44 isa nice all around revolver. I have a SRH by Ruger and love it with open sights for whitetails to 75 yards (can be accurate further if this is all you plan to carry).If youare looking to the extreme side check outthe 460 XVR by Smith. If you want long distance accuracy check out the T/C Encore pistolin your choice of caliber for the game you plan to hunt. I have a 7mm-08 with a 3-12 ball plex Burris scope that I will shoot 300+ yards on whitetails and I also have a .223 with a 3-9 Burris for smaller game and target shooting. Now if you are just looking to have fun plinking or small game hunting, start out with a.22 and shoot all day for cheap thrills. I really enjoy the Mark III Hunterby Ruger. Tell us more about want you want to do with handgun fun and I think you will get a lot of opinions and experiences shot your way.

In WI, to hunt whitetails with a handgun the barrel must beat least5.5 inches socheck your local requirements.A Long Slide by Springfield might be a solution if you are looking at carrying a semi-auto for backup and fun shooting.
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Default RE: handgun fun

When you say "fun", I have to say .22. When I bought my .22, I already owned a 9mm, a .357, and a 1911 in .45. I love all 3 of those handguns.

But the .22 is an absolute blast, because I can shoot it all day without the recoil and/or muzzle blastgetting to me. (Even with quality hearing protection, 300-400 rounds out of a stout handgun is going to get to a guy.) And I can shoot it all day because the ammo is dirt cheap!

If you're talking about takingyour handgun"up the mountain", and doing so on foot, the weight savings of a .22 will certainly be noticed, as well.If you're at all concerned about scaring game away, the "pop" of a .22 is almost inconsequential compared to the bark of most any other caliber. Another plus is that it's a wonderful little tool with which to introduce one's lady friendsto shooting. I've actually found it to be particularly effective in wooing prospective lady friends!

No, the .22 is not "powerful", and it won't stop much beyond a gopher, squirrel, or rabbit. But for all-day fun, it's almost impossible to beat!

I got a Browning Buckmark, on account of it seemed easier (to me, anyway) to strip & clean than a Ruger. I'm EXTREMELY satisfied with it. It was $250, and I'd be just as happy with itif it had been $400.

I'd also recommend just using the regular sights: it'll make you a better shooter.
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Default RE: handgun fun

For best all around handgun,a revolver hands down. In caliber,a .44 mag is awful hard to beat.
If you want a optical sight,I would reccomend a red dot,non magnifing sight would likely be a great choice.
There iscurrently 3 major brands that stand above the crowd in this configuration. Ruger,s&w,and taurus,in this order(my personal preference is ruger).

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Default RE: handgun fun

I guess I'm pretty much with the rest of these guys. A .44 would be a good choice, though I'm partial myself to the .45, but only because I've shot that more than any others. Decide what the main function of the gun is going to be, then start looking to fill that ticket. What one feller loves may not be your cup of tea.
My 45lc is a Uberti Cattleman, a replica of the 1873 SAA. It's a single action, so it's not what you'd consider a combat handgun, but durn, I do love the traditional feel of that 45. Love the way it shoots and really love the power behind that 250 grain round nose flat point bullet. The recoil is really not what you'd expect. I shot a friends KelTec 9mm and the 9 had a heck of alot more recoil than the 45. Of course the 9mm weighed a fraction of my Cattleman. That has loads to do with the recoil. Loads. Get it? Har!

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Default RE: handgun fun

Ruger Red Hawk in No Glare Stainless and Scoped! Is my choice.

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Default RE: handgun fun

Go with the 10mm in the auto or try the 41 or 44 mag in a revolver. I wouldn't hesitate to take a deer with my Glock 40 at close range, it's that accurate. But for a hunting handgun I like my Bicentiential Ruger Super Blackhawk, as I've killed 7 deer with it and none of them complained. The 45 Colt can be loaded to great performance levels just not in a Colt firearm, Only in a Ruger, and makes a great hunting handgun! is offline  
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Default RE: handgun fun

Fornra, nothing against you or the 41 magnum. I have a S&W57 and love it...but 41 magnum is EXPENSIVE if you don't handload...even then its more expensive than the 44 mag. Ammo in my parts is nearly twice the price of the 44. I wouldn't suggest it to a guy who just wants a fun gun. It is a great caliber though, shame it's introduction was mishandled.
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Default RE: handgun fun

what is the recoil like on the 41 mag? what is the farthest range to take a deer?
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