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Which handgun?

Old 11-18-2008, 07:22 AM
Fork Horn
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Default Which handgun?

I'm getting pretty serious about buying a handgun for home/family security and protection. I'm not sure which caliber and even make would be the best fit. I'm looking for something thats not to costly, that my wife will be able to handle (she has shot a 9mm, andrifles), anda gun that has good knockdown power butwill also notcause my wife to be afraid of it. I'm looking to buy before Jan. 20th (for obvious reasons). Any suggestions/experiences would be helpful.
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Default RE: Which handgun?

Not to costly and enough for the wife to handle. Look at a charter arms revolver in 38 special or 327 federal magnum. A semi would be good but for protection you don't won't any malfunctions and revolvers are more reliable.
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Default RE: Which handgun?

a good old taurus mod 85 .38 will get the job done and only cost you about $300. it's not a s&W but it will work if you need it to. a major improvment it to change out the grips to a houge.
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Default RE: Which handgun?

I would suggest a Glock 26, 19, or a S&W M&P 9C. All are 9mm. Point and pull without a lot of recoil.

First let me start by saying I don't like Obama and did not vote for him. The fear of Jan 20th is just that and nothing more for now. I do agree that a ban will eventually come but it's not going to happen on Jan. 20th or right after. It will be for assult weapons and magazines that have over 10 round capacity. If you are buying a revolver or a compact that holds 10 rounds or less, then you have no worries because they are not being targeted. If you want an AR or something that carries more then 10 rounds then I would be looking now because of supply and demand and it will eventually be targeted.
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Default RE: Which handgun?

The BEST handgun would be a 20 gauge shotgun with short barrel. Not only will it be VERY effective,it'll also be fun to shoot,versaitle,and extremely easy to shoot.
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Default RE: Which handgun?

If you want a 9mm I'd take a look at the Ruger SR9.
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Default RE: Which handgun?

go for the m&p smith&wesson 9mm its a good little pistol
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Default RE: Which handgun?

.357 Mag./.38 Special. Good luck.
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Default RE: Which handgun?

Youd be better off with a 357. You have a good hunting gun and can use 38 special through it for plinking and home protection.
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Default RE: Which handgun?

Good knockdown power" and "notcause my wife to be afraid of it"... Since you didn't mention anything about the ability to conceal it, I would absolutely stay away from some of the compacts / subcompacts / J Frame revolvers.

I think Colorado Cajun nailed it.

I'd suggest a medium or full size frame. 9mm, .40 (may have too much 'bark' for her), or a .45 (again, full size to reduce recoil). If your mindset is on a revolver, avoid the super compact J Frames and train with 38spl and carry either +P (my preference) or .357 (quite a snap to them). But first practice with the 38spl.

Lots of quality firearms out there. Go to a range with lots of rental firearms and see what she likes. See what feels good in her hand. See what inspires confidence - really!

Good luck.
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