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New Scope! Adjustable Objective???

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Default RE: New Scope! Adjustable Objective???

They are nice for varmint hunting and target shooting where you have time to dial it in and need the precision of a parallax free shot.

Another advantage they have is when target shooting with a pellet rifle or rimfire you can use a much higher power at a closer range because you can focus the scope for any distance. With a normal variable, like say a 3-9 power scope you can't really use the higher powers at distances closer than say 50 yards or so.

With an Adjustable Objective you can shoot very high powers at close distances like 10-25 yards (depending on the scope). My scope on my 17HMR can be shot at 10 yards on 20 power if I want to.

An A/O scope really isn't needed for normal hunting. Maybe if you were out west and making really long shots, but you probably wouldn't need it then for the size of game you would be hunting. In most cases a scope with this feature will be heavier, and the objective will be slightly larger, unless it's a side focus model. And usually they have less eye relief, that is not a given though, and has nothing to do with the fact that it has A/O. Just normally high powered target scopes have less eye relief is all. I have seen a few with decent relief though, like say 4 inches. They are also more parts in them which means more stuff to break or get out of alignment.

Not to mention price. Prices being equal the more simple the scope the better optics it will usually have. Say you wanted to spend $200 on a scope for your deer rifle. A nice 2-7 or 3-9x40 will usually look better than a 6-20x50 A/O scope for the same money. The simple scope with the fixed parallax will be cheaper and easier to make, so the price difference usually goes into the optics and coatings. In most cases you would need to spend about twice the money to get a high powered target scope with the same quality optics.

Next time you are at a shop take a look at a mid priced hunting scope and then compare it to a cheap target or varmint scope, set at the same power of course. And then crank the big scope up and see what happens. After that look at an expensive varmint scope and you should see the difference for sure.

You can hunt with a A/O scope, I have done it. Just turn the power down and set the parallax in the middle of what you think your range will be. I set mine for 75 yards. This is normally plenty accurate and gives a clear picture out to 100 yards or so on large game.

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Default RE: New Scope! Adjustable Objective???

I wasn't that impressed, it's just one more knob to fiddle with when you probably have more important things to worry about when lining up a shot.

Mo simple is mo better, especially when it deals with hunting and its related equipment. The 5 or 6 seconds it is going to take you to crank that knob around is the 5 or 6 seconds you could have been squeezing the trigger and watching that buck go plummph right before your eyes.
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Default RE: New Scope! Adjustable Objective???

They really are nice but can get you in trouble. I was hunting a long sendero and had it set way out there. Well I started doing some stalking on the senderos, I had two foxes come out within 30 yds, I raised my rifle to take one and allI saw was a blurrrrrr. Doh !
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