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Let's see your arsenal

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Default RE: Let's see your arsenal

I don't have a large collection. Pretty much just what I need for now. I tend to buy a gun, then sell it to get something else. I would hate to count all the firearms I have owned in my life. I used to have quite a few, then sold them because my EX didn't want them in the house anymore with the kids. Then she left me anyway![:@]. Got rid of my three favorite guns, a browning high power, a browning buckmark and a savage 30-06. Among others.

Here is what I have now:

This is my A5 light Stalker in 12 gauge. It has a 21 inch barrel and shoots 2 3/4 inch shells. The serial number dates it around 1992, but it looks like brand new. This is my newest baby, I have only had it about a month or so I think.

My 12 gauge NEF Pardner Pump. I think this is going to be my turkey gun until I get a 10 gauge barrel for my H&R Ultra.

This is my H&R Ultra deluxe slug gun. It has a 12 gauge heavy barrel (10 ga blank bored to 12 gauge) topped with a 1.75-4x32 bushnell trophy scope. This gun is HEAVY! It handles recoil pretty well though. I haven't found a slug I am really happy with yet, but I have no doubt I can find something that will shoot MOA if I look hard enough.

This is my Remington 700ML 50 cal inline muzzle loader. It has a bushnell trophy as well, but a 3-9. It is sighted in at 130 yards using .45 350 grn Precision Rifle bullets with soft lead and polymer tips and 95 grns of FFF 777. It shoots flat enough that I don't need to change my point of aim from 25 yards to 150 yards. Just put the crosshairs in the center of the vitals and pull the trigger. It shoots around 1 inch groups at 100 and 3-4 inch groups at 150.

I am pretty impressed with my new (to me) A5, but this is my favorite toy. It's my Savage 17HMR with the heavy barrel and a trigger job. It has an Alaskan Guide series scope (cabela's brand) in 6.5-20X44 with an adjustable objective and milldots. The scope cost twice what the gun did, but it was accurate enough to warrant it in my opinion. These things are an absolute blast to shoot, other than the shells are almost 10 bucks for 50 rounds. I did a test once and fired 9 rounds, 3 at 50 yards, 3 at 75 yards and 3 more at 100 yards. All nine rounds went in a hole a dime could cover. Doesn't like the wind very well though with that tiny bullet. It likes V-max's, small critters are not too fond of them though.

I also own 6 bows including my girlfiends bows and a small recurve for the kids. A Bowtech Mighty Might, Darton Yukon, Martin cheetah, Alpine Micro, and a new Rintec in blue fusion.

I also own some knives, swords and other various martial arts weapons.

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Default RE: Let's see your arsenal

Here's a few, some pictures are redundant....

Ishapore No1Mk3 wirewrap

Turk M38, Oberndorf M96, Czech 98/22, Persian 98/29, Carl Gustav M96

Harrington and Richardson M1 Garand

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Default RE: Let's see your arsenal

Starting from the 3rd rifle over:1953 Swiss K-31, 1942 mosin-nagant 91/30, 1941 mosin-nagant M38, Smith Corona 1903A3, Yugo M48.

Yugo SKS

Swedish M41B sniper

Remington 700 ADL .308

1943 Swiss K-31, 1951 Swiss K-31

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Default RE: Let's see your arsenal

Heres a few of mine.

My newest toy. Taurus Tracker 357

Springfield XD 40 Tactical

This one is for Briman. Haven't seen him post one of these yet. 1895 Swiss Schmidt Rubin Alpine rifle (I think thats the name, correct me if I am wrong)

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Default RE: Let's see your arsenal

Keep those pictures coming. Next time my wife says I have to many guns were coming here! Larry
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Default RE: Let's see your arsenal

Ruger KP97 .45 acp
Smith and Wesson 36 square butt .38 Special

My newest is a Raven P25 .25 acp that I paid $45.00 for!!

Just my pistols. Rifles and shotguns would take a long time to take pics of,LOL.
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Default RE: Let's see your arsenal

Cool guys...I recently have taken an interest into shooting handguns accurately for late season muzzleloader...I have a .500 S&W that I have been practicing is a blast to shoot and I am getting pretty good with it at 100 yds. Next to it is my 2nd largest handgun; a Ruger Alaskan in .480. The .500 is like shooting a .22 compared to that little lightweight snubnose Alaskan....IT ROCKS YOU!!

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