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Whats the difference in SA, DA, and DAO

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Default Whats the difference in SA, DA, and DAO

As soon as i turn 21 i would like to purchase a pistol, however when i look at the pistols on line i see the different options on their actions, i have researched the meanings but havent quite found what i want to know about them, I do know a little about the differences i nthe actions but if you all could pst something explaining their differences, it would help out a lot, another thing is the trigger pull of the types of actions, my brother bought a Ruger 9mm, i believe it was a DAO, although the gun never misfires and shootes exceptionally accurate the trigger pull is something i could never put up with, would appreciate some advice, thanks
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Default RE: Whats the difference in SA, DA, and DAO

DAO are going to have the heaviest sloppiest trigger pulls on average...

On a DA/SA your first trigger pull is going to be heavy/sloppy but the following trigger pulls will be better.

A SA is going to have the best trigger pulls of all.

Bassically this has to do with the DA having to both "cock" the hammer and release it where the SA's only have to release the hammer... Overly simplified but maybe that will help.

Go with a 1911... IMHO best pistol out there...
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Default RE: Whats the difference in SA, DA, and DAO

Here is the link to the same question asked a while back. ion%2conly��
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Default RE: Whats the difference in SA, DA, and DAO

A simple answer:
sa - single action, the hammer must be cocked each time in order to fire the weapon. i.e Ruger Blackhawk, Colt Peacemaker
da - double action, weapon can be fired by simply pulling the trigger on the first and suceeding shots. In a revolver the trigger pull cocks and releases the hammer (Colt Python, S&W 19, etc.) and on a DA pistol, after the first shot the hammer is cocked during the cycling of the action (Beretta 92, Taurus 92, etc.).
DAO - double action only, pistols with this type of action are shot each time with the hammer being cocked and released with each shot. The hammer, if it is exposed, cannot be cocked manually. A few models have some extremely nice triggers for DAO. (S&W, Springfield)
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Default RE: Whats the difference in SA, DA, and DAO

That about covers it, but don't be afraid to ask more questions.
This is a topic that confuses lots of beginners.

As a note toprevious postings: Single action revolvers MUST be manually cocked for each shot. Single action semi-autos only need to be manually cocked for the first shot, which is automatically accomplished when you cycle the slide to chamber your first round.

..and just in case you weren't already confused....
There area also a few semi-auto guns that havea type of striker-fired action (Glock, Kahr, Springfield XD, etc...). This is very similar in operation to the DAO in as much as the trigger pull is the same everytime, but in the case of a misfire does not allow you to simply pull the trigger again for a second attempt at firing the same bullet. This is due to the fact that the cycling of the slide partially cocks the striker (hammer) and leaves a passive firing pin safety engaged until the trigger is pulled. The slide must be hand cycled in the event of a misfire.

Not really a big deal.Ifmy gun doesn't go bang the first time, I'd be chambering a fresh cartridge anyway.
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Default RE: Whats the difference in SA, DA, and DAO

Guys I aint tryin to brag, but if you want to experience a truly "custom" DAO trigger on a quality production gun then take a look at the LDA 1911s from Para-Ordinance. I bought one (LDA SSP Black Watch)as soon as it came into work because it felt "that danged good". Even my buddies on the SWAT team who carry Wilson Combat 1911s admired the trigger on this gun. Thathas beenthe only reason Ihaven't useda 1911 for conceal carry previouslywas because I didn't want a SAO for CC. But the Para is very reasonably priced, shoots great, built like a tank and like I said that trigger is...

da cats pj's,
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Default RE: Whats the difference in SA, DA, and DAO

Red, I've got to agree with you on the LDA's sweet action.

I recently rented one at the local range, and after a bit of practice, I was shooting it just as well as with my home-defense Glock. That was controlled rapid fire, not just slow bulls-eye shooting too. Plenty of accuracy from this dirty rental with cheapo FMJ ammo. No failures of any kind. Excellent combat or carry gun.

Any trigger that smooth is a hit in my book, and just love the idea of a DAO Hi-Cap like that with a manual safety, and an all-steel frame for recoil control for rapid follow up shots. I
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Default RE: Whats the difference in SA, DA, and DAO

That about covers the different action types pretty well, and I can see how a dao simi auto could be useful but I still have no confidence in a 1911 pistol. Just give me a Glock and see me smile is offline  
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