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Guns Like firearms themselves, there"s a wide variety of opinions on what"s the best gun.

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Default best semi auto turkey gun

What would be the best semi auto turkey gun. I know I will have alot of opinions, but I want to here experiences.

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Default RE: best semi auto turkey gun

To be honest, about any of them are great. The benelli is really light. Which is usually the worstproblem with3.5" shotguns.But bottom line you really don't need a semi for toms. I like em for geese, but a pump is perfect for toms. Usually ligher.I use a pump but getting ready to get a 3.5" browning gold.

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Default RE: best semi auto turkey gun

Check out the Stoeger 2000.

I have come to understand that I really enjoy learning things the hard way.
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Default RE: best semi auto turkey gun

I know some will think I have lost my rocker or musta bumped my head this morning, especially with my bent towards higher end guns, but trust me our own testing bears this out... the 935 Mossberg is THE greatest turkey patterning 3.5" auto on the market today. It is that way for the same reason the 835 is the best patterning 12 on the market, they both share the near 10ga backboring and that helps them deliver UNBELIEVABLE payloads for the turkey hunter. The 3.5" Gold can also be tuned to perform admirably as well, especially with some polishing of the forcing cones. (Some recommend lengthening as well, but "Nitro Ray" has proven that feat un-necessary. Someone who knows what they are doing with a polisher can do the job instead of possibly ruining a perfectly good barrel!)

Pretty much ANY 3.5" gun can be made into an easy 50-60yd turkey gun with the right loads and tubes. I am talking strictly about OVER 60yds and for many that is not something they think sporting or necessary for themselves. If that is you thenpick your poison.I like longrange big game rifles so my pick for the turkey guns are no different. I like to try and eliminate as many odds for ol Tom as I can.

For all purpose use my pick for 3.5 autos goes hands down too the Beretta Xtrema II. I LOVE those guns. But with Rhino/Nitro combos the cheap ol Mossbergs (and yes even the big Browning Golds) will embarrass most others on the range. And Lord knows you can buy two or three 935s for the price of one Black Eagle II, Xtrema II or 3.5" Gold. (The new Gold ultralight should prove to be interesting! If the weights are close it just might knock the Xtrema II off my fav all around list.)

But I to consider an auto un-necessary for turkey duty, especially long range tactics. Weight IS a consideration for me as I trudge up and down the Ozarks each spring in southern Missouri. You aren't gonna get another shot at them in most cases, especially not a killing shot on moving birds at extreme ranges. I have 6 different pumps from that many makers and the 835 is exclusively my "trombone action" of choice if Mr. Tom is making a visit!!!
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