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New TC Encore pistol needs help

Old 01-21-2006, 08:05 AM
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Default New TC Encore pistol needs help

Hi All,
First, I have to say that this is my first TC but I have been shooting rifles and pistols for years. I am usually pretty accurate. I have even won awards at some local shooting competions. I need some advice though. I am new here and have recently bought a NEW TC Encore in 7mm-08 in a 10in barrel. They don't make the 10in in this caliber anymore but I found a shop that had bought some of the last ones from the factory. I thought the smaller barrel would be easier to deal with in the woods. The trigger breaks at 3lbs and is very crisp. I put a Swift 2-6x32 on it. There is a over the counter exchange on the Swifts so if there is a problem I can get a new one.

I have been out to the range 4 times trying to sight the gun in. I used sandbags and went on calm days. The first 3 times I tried some basic Remington and Winchester ammo. Neither perfomed very well. Giving me 2 inch groups and larger at 50 yards. Moving out to 100 gave me 5 inch groups. I use the term group lightly. I then tried some of the Premium Winchester stuff. I got the same accuracy. My groups are large and they keep moving. They really aren't groups. I am also getting lots of flyers that are going 6-7in high and some going 3in left and low. Basically they are all over the place.

I did some reading and decided to check my fore-end. I found that it needed to be bedded so I pillar bedded it using the washer method. I can pass a piece of paper tbetween the barrel and fore-end and the only points touching are the screw holes with the washers. I went out today and I am getting the same results. This is very frustrating. I have been waiting to get a TC for about 10 years and now that I have it I am disappointed.

Just to convince myself that I have some shooting skill, I got out my Dan Wesson .357 8in barrel with a Millett red dot and did some shooting at 50 yards from the sandbags. The groups were less than an inch with 2 shots almost through the same hole in 2 different 3 shot groups using Winchester 180 gr. Supreme® Partition Gold® ammo. I tried alot of factory ammo in this gun and this one is far superior in accurracy to anything else I have shot. Perhaps I am not handling the Encore correctly?

I do not reload as of yet. Although I will probably start. So I am stuck with using factory ammo for now.
My questions are these:
1) Where should I go from here? It could be the scope, ammo or even the barrel.
2) It could be the scope. Is there any way to check if the scope is bad without removing it and trying it on another gun? I can try it on my .357 to check it if neccessary. I hate to do this because I have my .357 sighted in great.
3) Is the 10in barrel in 7mm-08 not as accurate as the 15in? Is it a finicky barrel? Does anyone have experience with it?
4) I would expect to get better accuracy out of even the cheap factory ammo that I am getting. Is this true?
5) If it is not the scope how do you tell if it is a bad barrel?
6) I also want a 15in barrel in .204 Ruger. Maybe I should buy one to see if the accuracy problem is in my handling of the Encore? What do you think?
6) What have I missed?

I know there are alot of questions here but any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Old 01-21-2006, 12:54 PM
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Default RE: New TC Encore pistol needs help

If you have no help here you can try Gray Beards web site. They have a section on Thompson Center Handguns... ... I feel your pain because I had the same kind of disappointment with my T/C Encore rifle. I wouldn’t do anything with 357. It’s working good so I would leave it alone. Good luck...
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Old 01-23-2006, 07:41 AM
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Default RE: New TC Encore pistol needs help

Ask this group,they can help! Just go to the forum...
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Default RE: New TC Encore pistol needs help

Bellm's is indeed a GREAT resource for T/C shooters! I would check your scope first, and consider replacing it with a Burris or Leupold if you can. The 7mm isnt a hard kicker, but it is enough to move an inexpensive scope around! You might also want to try some of the handloads they have listed for pistol barrels on the Bellm site, I have to imagine that the factory loads you are shooting are set up for rifle length barrels and are notgetting a proper burn in the stubby barrel, and lastly, try an oversized pin for the barrel (again, Bellm's!). I went one size over with my Encore and a factory T/C .308 barrel and groups dropped from 1"-1 1/4" to under an inch (at 100y) and the gun opens and closessmoother to boot! Keep with it, Im sure you'll find the problem (my money is on the scope!). Thanks-pbgunrunner
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Default RE: New TC Encore pistol needs help

My money is on the scope also. I tried a better than average bushnell on mine and thought it would be enough. After I initially bore sighted it the groups were fine. After a few shots they got worse and worse. The shock from the gun isn't that bad, but it was enough to throw off that scope. So, I grabbeda Leupold out of my gun cabinet and have not had any problems since. I do have the longer barrell, but don't think it would make a difference like you are seeing. Although, anything is possible. I also have a Nikon on my Encore rifle and that works fine. Keep at it...I am sure you will get it figured out.
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Default RE: New TC Encore pistol needs help

i have the same gun with the 15" barrel and a 4X leupold, i have never had that much trouble even with cheaper factory loads, the only thing i regret is i wish i had gone with a 2X or varible, i did have a contender in 30-30 that also shot great, my dad has it now, since i bought the encore. and like the others mentioned mike bellm is they man on these dudes, i would say a scope/mount problem also,,

best of luck and welcome to the forums
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Old 01-23-2006, 11:15 PM
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Default RE: New TC Encore pistol needs help

Call T/C at 603-332-2333, and tell them what is happining. T/C has bent over backwards to help me. Good luck.
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Old 01-25-2006, 12:05 PM
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Default RE: New TC Encore pistol needs help

Be careful how you shoot T/C's from a bench. They don't like having the bottom of the hand grip resting on anything hard or hitting something hard in recoil. I have a Contender pistol that is phenomenonally accurate .... .223, 30/30 and 35Rem. I always rest of the butt on a sand bag or nothing at all. If you rest it on the bench you will get scattered groups.

Good luck ... Shockwave
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