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Polarized sunglasses????

Old 05-21-2004, 11:56 AM
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Default Polarized sunglasses????

Okay guys,

I am looking into ordering a pair of good quality polarized sunglasses to use when I am fishing! I have been reading up a good bit, but I have a feeling that alot of the stuff I read is just b.s. I would really like to try out some good polarized sunglasses but not many places around here carry any, so I am kinda going by reviews, specs, and what others say.

I was looking at a bunch of brands.... wiley-x, H2Optix, Serengeti, Bolle, Ray Ban, Maui Jim, Costa Del Mar, ect... and I am really liking the looks of the Bolle glasses.

I am looking at three different models.... the Thunerstruck, Heatseeker, and Meanstreak!

These three models are from the "Metals" collection! They all feature polycarbonate lens which are supposidly 20 times stronger than glass and 1/3 the weight. I have read that you can shoot them at 10 yards with a 12 gauge shotgun and they won't shatter! They all three are made of composite nylon and metal frames which are supposidly nearly indestructable! They also feature P3 lens technology along with AR (anti-reflection) coating.

Now, the thing I don't know is what lens color to get. Most of my fishing is done on streams with either partly cloudy or sunny conditions. I want a lens that is going to cut through the glare very well, provide crisp and clear pictures, and I don't want it to be too dark that it makes it hard to see the fish.

The Heatseeker can be bought with Polarized Cobaltz, Polarized Midas, and Polarized TNS (True Neutral Smoke) lens.

The Meanstreak can be bought with Polarized Cobaltz, Polarized Cactus, Polarized Midas, and Polarized TNS lens.

The Thunderstruck can be bought with Polarized Cobaltz, Polarized Midas, and Polarized TNS lens.

The Bolle website ( ) says this about each of these colors....

Polarized Cobaltz.. Medium contrast steel gray lens with platinum metallic blue mirror and polarized filter. Ideal for high glare enviroments and bright light conditions, such as marine sports.

Polarized Cactus.. Medium contrast gray/green lens with gradient gold mirror and polarizing filter. Ideal for driving eliminating annoying road glare.

Polarized Midas... Burnt gray medium contrast lens with gold mirror and polarizing filter. Ideal for high glare light conditions and outdoor sporting activites. Also reduces eye fatigue by cutting down on infrared light transmission.

Polarized TNS Gun... Neutral density grey lens with metallic silver mirror and polarizing filter. Provides true color definition while fighting harsh glare. Ideal for everyday, all-purpose wear.

Sorry for the length, and I hope that someone can help me out here! Thanks guys!
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Default RE: Polarized sunglasses????

Regardless of style or brand Jason , remember the following and this is based upon 10 yrs of fly fishing guiding experience where your eyes are everything:

For stream trout fishing:

Colors: Amber, or Copper......copper is my favorite. Designed to bring out the contrast of a rocky stream bottom.

Lenses: DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON POLYCARBONATE LENSES!! No matter how tough they say they are GET GLASS LENSES. Optically correct glass lenses. They are a bit heavier but so much more durable than plastic it's stupid. I wasted plenty of money on supposedly 'Quality" poly lenses. They are more SHATTER resistant, but not nearly as SCRATCH resistant. Trust me you will scratch the crap out of them well before you'd ever shatter a lens. If someone is shooting a 12ga. at you while you are fishing I recommend the Poly, but if not.....GLASS
Glass is also optically better.....I also don't care what they say in their ads, I have had plenty of VERY good and very expensive Poly lens glasses and most will give me a headache because they aren't opically as good as quality glass. When you are wearing them for 12 hrs a day I want something that isn't straining my eyes even slightly.

Brands: Action Optics, Orvis , Costa Del Mar. These are the ones I trust and have used.
Orvis probably has the best warranty in the industry. I broke 2 pairs through negligence and they replaced them no questions asked within days.

Make sure they have a good warranty, a good at least semi-wrap design, and GLASS lenses. Stay away from dark grey or brown lenses. When it gets low light you might as well put em in your pocket.

Trust me.........for PA stream trout ......COPPER lenses.

Oh and quit it with the shiny frames and mirrored lenses, you trying to sneak up on a trout or some chick after the fishing day is over?
Dark frames will reduce the reflections into the sides of your eyes, and non mirrored will help you to not reflect into the trout's eyes.

You fishin' or fashion? You can get a cool pair of polarized sunglasses , or a fishing tool that can look cool.
Cripes I even make sure I have a hat with a dark underbrim to cut as much glare as possible.
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Default RE: Polarized sunglasses????

I went ot Wal-MArt a couple weeks ago and bought a $10 pair of glasses in the fishing section. Absolutely thrilled with them. Would never spend over $20 on sunglasses.
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