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Default broadheads

I have it down to 2 (100 gr. slick tricks or 100 gr. spitfires) This is my 1st season, I have a horton real tree 175 with carbon bolts. which head is the best for my set up? All my shots will be 40 yds. or less for a ground blind if that helps.
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Default RE: broadheads

Everyone i know with a horton around here shoots spitfires and swears by them, Ipersonally shoot 125 spits
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Default RE: broadheads

Well I know very little about them heads you spoke of but I have a horton and for ten or so years I used Muzzy four blade 100grain and never had a problem. But for a long time desired to use a mech but did not because some of the flaws with them. The spitfires you talk of are the old design that hinge on the back. As some say this can cause a deflecting shot on a quarting at you or away resulting in a poor shot. Alot of them also have a small entry hole but a big exit hole. For thoes fears I never tried them. Then last year a few makers started out with a new design that works on a cam design. The blade is forced back in a sliding motion that forces them to be fully open before they enter the deer. They also do not deflect the shot like some say the hinge style can. This year, actually about a week ago I bought the G5 tekan 2's and have been shooting them this week and love them. They are first broadheads that I have shot that have the same POI as a feild point, no planing like some fixed blade heads. Also before I pull them out of the block I check and all have been fully open on entry, no small hole. They also are not openiong up prematurely as some of the hinge kind can from the power of a CB. Also all of this shooting and I have not broke a blade yet on them. Not trying to push on ya but I am just really impressed with them! Good luck!
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Default RE: broadheads

I have a Horton Legend 165# Crossbow. The 100 GR. Spitfire is what I have used for several years. I have killed many deer with these but if you hit a bone they will bend and youcan end up with a poor shot. I recently purchased some G5 Montec Blades after hearing how well they perform with crossbows. If they shoot well for me in practice I will use them this year. I do see that you are new to crossbow hunting. My suggestionwould be to try and take all of your shots at 20 yardes. I know Mfg. Tell you they are accurate at 40 yards and they are they will wound more deer at that distance than KILL them. I don't want your first crossbow hunt to end up with a deer you hit but were not able to find. If you usea quality cover scent and don't move around fast you will have no trouble with getting a CLOSE first shot. GOOD LUCK & Welcome !!!
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Default RE: broadheads

I have a Horton Yukon SL 150lb and I shoot 100gr Spitfires. These broadheads ain't no joke! They leave a gaping hole-bloodtrail and give nice pass throughs. I've never had one not open either. I can't speak on quartering shots since mine have been broadside shots.I luv them.
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Default RE: broadheads

Can't say and i just don't knowed about them. I have fixed bladed Bear Bruin Lites 95gr. Just finished sighting in my Phoenix wid dem. I am good to go out to 35 yds. That be fer enough to suit me and scope.I do knowed i have made Texas heart shots with mine and they bust open brisket on their way out fer some yonder![:-][][8D]
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Default RE: broadheads

First of all let me put this to rest, there is no such thing as a "spent arrow" all arrows or bolts in flight are capable of killing...Due to the heavy weight of the bolt or arrow which does not slow down as rapidly as you might think, I have tried this by shooting thru thru the chrono at 60yards.Remember a 30lb compoundbow with a sharp broadhead will shootcomplety thru a deer. I think it was the battle of Agincourt(spelling could be wrong) where the English longbowmanwere killing at distances of over 300yds with equipment that does not come up to todays standards. I would not recommend taking shots beyond your comfort range which would be softball size groups with no hold-over.As far as expandables I would not use one that was not banded at speeds exceding 310fps, I personally have seen them open in flight, which is not a pretty thing..And the Tekan was famous for that by the way(heard they had "fixed" that,well you trust them,I won't, I like my "deer", don't like running all over the woods looking for them after poor shot placement)I have used 85g Spitfires and not had an animal go more than 40yds(at speeds under 300fps)..I have used Wasp,Gold Tip,Nap(Spitfire),Rockets and have seen my self and customers kill over(with dubious shots,to say the least) 300 animals and have never heard or seen this "magical" deflection thing..The Archery industry is full of "rumors" and garbage mostly to sell junk products and to try to make up for poor shot placement.Easton was famous for that,look what they did to Beman before they bought them out...I shoot 75g Rocket Wolverines with the pathfinder tip(double banded or triple banded depending on speed) have killed over 40 animals with this head and not a single "magical deflection" and have hit them with many a quartering shot. You in time will make up your own mind, just use the products that you have the utmost in confidence in and practice with...
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Default RE: broadheads

Ive used the monotec G5s for 2 years now and luv tem..on a bouble lung shot i havent had a deer go more than 15 yards before they drop...longest shot wasw 40 yds and still had a pass through hitting rib in and out

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Default RE: broadheads

Smokepolehall, your name should be Ole Grizz. I love the way you talk. Ole Grizz and Jeremia done some good bar hunt'n together. Sounds like you would have fit right in with them. Keep it up man.
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Default RE: broadheads

Thanks BuddyBo, i am layed back fer true. I was able to get a DVD of Jerimiah Johnson fer $7.50 new the other day. My video tape be plumb wore out to the nub! Getting back to B'Heads, i got 3 arrows of 23 of my 2219's that group in 1 1/2" at 25 yds. Thats what i will hunt with until i have used all 3 harvesting deer. Then i will have find several more that group together and sight them in. [&o][:-][]
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