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Default carp

does anyone eat carp. i like to gig them and bowfish and i kill a lot. i am not real sure how to cook them tho. my friend says to pickle them. does anyone else know what to do to make carp fit to eat
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Default RE: carp

I kill a lot of them bowfishing too, but I usually just give them to the catfish fishermen on the way out. If you want to cook them, those guys tell me they fry them up like crappie or any other white-fleshed fish. I had one guy tell me that he rolls the meat up into balls, batters the balls, and then fries them. Sounded horrible to me, but he swore by it. The meat can be hard to get off of them because they have huge ribs so you'll have to skin them first. Good luck with this, and let us know how they turn out if you actually cook some.
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Default RE: carp

I used to catch them and throw them up on the bank to die. I wouldn't consider eating one!
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Default RE: carp

I ate some, fried, when I was in the Boy Scouts in VA, a long time ago. They were so bad, I still remember the meal...[:'(] Fatty, intramuscular bones and a very muddy taste.

However, I've heard that if they come from clean water they'll smoke reall nice.
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Default RE: carp

Great smoked.
Mom used to bake smaller ones stuffed with sourkaut
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Default RE: carp


I used to catch them and throw them up on the bank to die. I wouldn't consider eating one!
thats what i do when we bowfish them, but my grandpa says you gotta smoke um, never tried it and dont really plan on it. i would just use um for fertilzer if i was you
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Default RE: carp

I've had some smaller grass carp. Lots of free-floating bones. If you get it fresh and cook it that night its not too terrible. It sure ain't striped bass, and I don't think I can name a saltwater fish that is worse tasting..... but I'd give it a go and if you don't like it... they help make the flowers bloom in the garden!
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Default RE: carp

Ah good ol carp! Here's the absolute best way to cook these things. I'll put a fillet onto an Oak or Cedar plank and put it in the oven for about an hour. I'll baste it with some olive oil and lemon juice while doing this so it doesn't dry out and to give it a really good taste once it's done. After it's done I'll let it "rest" for a few minutes outside of the oven. Once it's cooled down it's ready! To enjoy this fine dish you simply throw away the carp and eat the plank that it was cooked on! Hell of a lot better than the carp!
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Default RE: carp

Makes excellent fertilizer for the garden...just drop the small ones in whole and cut up the bigger ones. Did this for years when I llived in South Dakota and had a place to have a big garden.

Here in AZ the only think I can grow is sand and things that stick you...
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Default RE: carp

I've had it deep fried with a corn meal batter, wasn't that great. The best way in my opinion is to smoke it, pick off the small pieces from the bones, and a little tabasco sauce on a cracker.
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