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Default Harnesses

This will be my first year, first time bowhunting.

My cousin gave me his old Summit climbing stand - complete with the older strap-style safety harness. Having hunted from the ground for 23 years, ever since I was 17, I've gotten pretty used to a large "platform" to stand on.

I practiced setting up the stand on a tree in my back yard, and climbed the tree c couple of times. Now, I'm not "afraid" of heights (not paranoid at least), but good ol' Mother Earth feels a lot better to me. I think that "terra firma" - with a heavy emphasis on the "firma" part applies to me.

Anyway, I really don't trust this strap. A friend who bowhunts said that the only thing worse than falling with this type of strap on is falling without any strap - he said it hurts like heck when the strap digs into your chest and ribs.

So, with all that in mind, I'm going to get a newer style "harness" - the kind that straps around your leg/groin area while it holds your upper torso/chest. The problem is that I've spent my "allowance" on the bow, arrows, sight, rest, dampener, release, quiver, target bag, etc.

Is there an "economical" safety harness out there that is COMFORTABLE, easy to use, and SAFE ?

Yeah, I know, this comes into the same territory as Hoyt vs Matthews, expandable vs broadhead, Chevy vs Ford, etc., but I figured the more input I get, the better informed decision I will be able to make.

Thanks in advance for any and all assistance.
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Default RE: Harnesses

Look on cabelas... that is what I am going to do. I also need a cheap, full body harness.
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Default RE: Harnesses

A vest style, full body harness is the way to go. Keeps things simple and tangle free for ease of use. They are comfortable and most importantly safe. I remember a poster at the local cycle shop that read, "If you have a ten dollar head, buy a 10 dollar helmet." My advice is to buy the best safety gear period. Ask the wife for an advancement on your allowance and get a vest style harness before you climb again. Stay safe.
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Default RE: Harnesses

seat-o-the-pants works for me
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Default RE: Harnesses

You're talking about your life and/or limb here. Do you really want to trust that to a "cheap" or "economical" harness? I certainly don't. Spend about $65 and get a Seat o the Pants harness by Summit. I can honestly say that I never worry about whether I am going to get hurt or killed due to harness failure.
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Default RE: Harnesses

I agree, spend the money and get a good harness. I just bought a Gorilla Full Body Safety Harness. It was on sale at Bass Pro for $49.99 marked down from $69.99. You might want to see if the harness is availbe on line at the sale price. My summit came with a harness but it was a light shiny cream color that was not suitable for deer hunting. I use it for when I practice shooting from a tree stand and will save my new harness exclusively for hunting.

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Default RE: Harnesses

If you look up cheap SOB in the diconary there may be a pic of me but its my butt that the harness needs to protect .This spring I bought a Rockey vest and pant harness set ,very confey but not cheap but cheaper that a pine box. If there is a Cabelas ,Bass pro ect nere you go try on several different harnesses to find the on that fits and feels good ,just remember to size it for extra coat or sweater . The most expencive harness is cheaper than 1 trip to the emergency room or worse !
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Default RE: Harnesses

As stated above don't trust your life to something inferior. Check out Cabelas and Bass Pro they both have good buys. Dig a little deeper in your pockets before you go out.
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Default RE: Harnesses

I have a safety belt that came with the lone wolf and I have a question about it. The shoulder straps are not adjustable and they seem to be a little loose. Would this be an issue if I wore it under a coat?
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Default RE: Harnesses

I agree the last thing to skimp on is a harness. Buy yourself a full body harness that in the event you fall will keep you up right and put pressure on the thighs not torso. The seat o pants is an excellent example of a good qaulity 5 point harness system.

Like insurance never want to use but in the event you to know your covered!
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Quick Reply: Harnesses

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