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archery gear

Old 05-15-2016, 09:31 AM
Nontypical Buck
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Default archery gear

OK I know the world has changed and NOTHING is cheap by any means
but does anyone think archery gear prices are getting crazy high?

I mean 40+ bucks for 3 broadheads, or a $ 100+ for a dozen arrows?

or $ 1500-2,000.00 for a crossbow, or bow??

and yes there are low end models
but when I look at entry level rifles say and then there better models the difference is as huge as from archery gear!

I mean a bow is a wear and tear item, a rile, is, as well, but a string doesn't last as long as a barrel, and no need to shoot a rifle as often to keep skills as a bow(IMO)

35+ yrs a bow hunter, I have seen and owned a bunch
my late 90's and newer 2000's bows
are about as fast as most are today(different tech sure but speeds haven't gone a up BIG time, and I shoot pretty accurate out of all mine, as do most competitive shooters do with old as to new)

rifles have gone up too, but, a rem 700 as an example was about 500 bucks back in the early 90's and went up about what 200 now?

a top line bow back in the early 90's was maybe 500-600 bucks, a top line bow now is what 2-3 times that now??
much more increase on archery gear IMO again as to other forms of gear and weapons!

just wondering what others feel about prices, not a war on me being cheap LOL
and yes I know materials have changed, but aluminum risers have been about a LONG time as good strings too!!

SO >>??
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Old 05-16-2016, 09:25 AM
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Hunters have helped do this to ourselves gotta buy the newest gadget, buy new bow every year or two because you gotta have the best ! if they buy it someone will invent it---and then make it better--more expensive---I have a 15 year old or more hoyt that shoots just fine and kills Critters just fine
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Old 05-16-2016, 10:05 AM
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I can agree to some extent. $100 for a dozen arrows as an example; that's pretty reasonable these day. I remember getting chastised for paying $95 for a dozen ACC's and components back in 1995. Now many of those guys are paying nearly $200 for certain Carbon Express arrows (all carbon) that IMO are no better than my ACC's.

Sights are one issue that I can't see justification for present prices. Some top of the line one pin adjustable hunting sights at nearly $400. You have got to be kidding me. That's as much as some of the best target sights. People are fools.

I will say one thing. I really get a charge out of some asking about "good binocular that won't break the bank". These are the same people who would pay $1000 for a new bow that they may have between 1 and 5 years, that depreciates about 40% in a year or two and then don't feel the need to pay the same amount for "good" binocular that they'd have for the rest of their lives. Backward priorities if you ask me.
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Old 05-16-2016, 11:17 AM
Nontypical Buck
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I agree, many folks are penny smart and dollar stupid

but you take a bow, add in a rest, sights stabilizer quiver and arrows and broad-heads and a release, a target to practice with, and you walking about with a lot of coin out of your wallet
and as you pointed out there values drop REAL Fast

and there a wear and tear more IMO than a rifle is
NOT that again anyone will shoot as many shots out of rifle as most GOOD Bowhunters will in off season.

but I just cannot see the HUGE jump in prices that are out there
YES hunters are suckers and will PAY
and makers know this
I just don't get WHY hunters are so willing to spend it on archery gear!
I sold archery and guns for many yrs, and never seen guys spend like they are willing to these days!
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Old 05-16-2016, 10:32 PM
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Ya, I def agree. I hate having to buy broadheads. I buy quality stuff but it about makes me sick lol. I've passed on doe because I didn't wan to shoot it with that expensive broadhead. Figured I'd wait a couple more weeks and get one in rifle season lol.
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Old 05-20-2016, 06:45 PM
Fork Horn
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Bowhunting can be cheap and can be expensive.... Just because you have the latest and greatest on the shelf does not mean you have to buy it. I see plenty of used bows maybe two years old that go for $200-$400.... You can get a dozen arrows for $80 (Easton Carbon Zenith).... Been shooting those for years... And can get broadheads for as cheap a $11 for a box of six.... Just remember when you buy hunting sometimes paying a little more money is actually worth it in the long run...

Example now I shoot an Elite Energy 35 with a spot hogg sight, whisker biscuit, and scott release with some other stuff on it and the arrows plus broadheads.... I will bet my set up has over $1,200 in but that is just something I prefer because I know if something happens like with the Elite bow I can call Elite and they will fix it no questions asked. If I am on a hunt all I have to do is send Elite my specs such as draw length and they will send a bow with a rest and I think sight paper tuned and all you have to do is sight it in and hunt.... So there are some great benefits to paying a little more. I'm not bragging I am just giving an example because the moment you go out west or on a hunt you spent a lot of money, time for and something fails you would've wish you picked a better quality... Same thing goes for other stuff like rifles, fishing gear.... Want an eye opener on fishing come down to Florida and see how much we spend on rods and reels do to the fish we are fighting 150-250lb bull sharks or trying to yank a 50lb Amber Jack out of a reef. I have spent a few dollars on cheaper rods and reels and well wish I spent more money and now I did. I have had reels literally blow up a few rods snap because of how cheap they were. They all have their bad and good you just have to find the quality products that you can buy with your budget and in the bowhunting world there is plenty. Rather pay once then having to pay twice and I do the same with optics etc. I tend to look at the companies warranties first before buying which is why I buy vortex for my optics. If I am dropping a pretty penny from all my hard work I want a company that will back it up.

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Old 05-21-2016, 02:56 AM
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Yes. I agree with you. I dont want to buy a expensive bow.
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Old 05-21-2016, 08:47 AM
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Ok just to clear things up
I too agree that some times buying better end things are worth it in the long run
but my point is, I feel like archery gear is WAY overpriced for what it is!
as I said when you put together a complete packaged higher up the food chain bow
your talking closer to 2 grand if NOT over , once you get it all
bow, arrows broadheads/target tips, release,sights, quiver stabilizer and so on
when you can also buy a higher up the food chain rifle and pay LESS, and the rifle is sure to out live the bow

my point again is, rifles have NOT jumped up that much in prices over the past 30 yrs
a rem 700, for an example was about 500 buycks back in the early 90's and they can still be had for about that price, even top of line STOCK models(NOT custom shop) are at about a grand)
calibers have come and gone and some have gotten faster/flater, but prices haven't gone as wild as archery gear!
so performance in rifles has not been a night and day difference over the past 30 yrs

same as with archery gear IMO

I have owned bows that have shot about 330 rated speeds for the past 35+ yrs
and back then TOP line models ran about 600 bucks
a top line bow today can be closer to 2 grand BARE
I don't see that much GAINS to justify the added costs to them
YES Exotic materials, like the carbon one's cost more due to make up, but there not HUGE in speed dept!
do they have less vibration and hand shock, or smoother draws, SURE< but , I never complained about those things way back when the bows had that??
so to pay 2-3 times more for a bow that is NOT 2-3 times better IMO< isn't the best way to justify the increase in prices

I think the ONLY reason they sell for what they do, is, far too many hunters , buy things based on price tags
they seem to think IF they spend more they get better, and they maybe want to out do there buddy's or, like to be able to say they have the BEST " what ever" its as if its a game of having the gear, more than the gear being WORTH the price!
and makers have figured out archery guys are rather suckers for gizz mo's and will spend $$$< they build it and market it, and suckers will buy it!
just think about what some hunters pay for an oz of deer Pee! LOL

and personally think Crossbow end of things, are even worse in the higher than??? prices for them
and its due to its a growing market market, and there raking in suckers left and right
with SO many of the top X bows running at closer to 1600, than a 1000!!
NUTS just crazy prices IMO!
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Old 05-21-2016, 01:51 PM
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All about supply and demand. There are also no where near as much people shooting bows (compounds, crossbows, and recurves) as there are firearms. So of course you will see more firearms at a lesser value . But those Remington 700s that are $500 are not made like they use to be made... There are bows that you can get that are economical that are new at a good price just like you can with a rifle and there are some where it will be a mortgage payment on them.... I mean to me $2000 for a rifle like a Wilson Combat, Les baer, BCM, etc just for an AR15 is outrageous. Then you add iron sights, red dot, flashlight, a different rail, scope, etc and it all adds up. Each field has it's own high price points. Whether it is firearms, bows, fishing, etc they have the economical route on one end and the extremely expensive end on another.... Capitalism at it's finest and if we didn't have that then we wouldn't end up with the great products we have now. And in the end it is the user and their preference I might want to drop a good penny on a bow and you might want to drop a good penny on an AR15 (I'm just using this as an example hypothetical example). In our eyes it is crazy but that is our personal preference and the same thinking can be applied to optics or really anything in general. It is all in the eye of the purchaser.

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