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Muzzy vs. Rage

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55 pound nd 29 draw lenghth
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Originally Posted by brunsc
55 pound nd 29 draw lenghth
I'm not trying to make things more complicated for you, but I wouldn't shoot Rage broadheads with that setup. Rage is a good broadhead, but it takes a lot of energy to push that steep cutting angle far enough into the deer and I really don't believe that you have it.

Also, you said that you were shooting Slick Trick 4 blades. You're already shooting one of the best broadheads out there. I shoot the same broadhead and out of a well tuned bow they fly awesome. This also pretty much applies to any broadhead these days.

As some others have eluded to - you need to make sure that your bow is tuned. If it's not tuned properly your arrow is going to come off the bow wrong and you'll never get things worked out. Secondly, make sure that your arrows are spined properly for your bow. If they're too stiff or not stiff enough you'll never get your bow to shoot broadheads well.

Another thing with broadheads. You might know this already, but don't just screw them onto your arrow, put the arrow in the quiver and think you're ready to hunt. ALL broadhead tipped arrows should be spin tested to make sure that the point is perfectly aligned with the shaft. That is critical. Think about it: Putting a broadhead on an arrow is like putting wings on the front. If your broadhead is pointing ever so slightly one way or another then that broadhead is going to steer that arrow in that direction. Just a tiny bit off and you can miss by a huge margin. It's just my opinion, but I think that everyone should invest in a decent arrow spinner. They don't cost much and they make a world of difference.

To wrap this up, I guarantee you that if you get your bow tuned, make sure you've got the right arrows and spin test your broadheads then your Slick Trick tipped arrows will hit VERY close to your field points if not right with them. If you're dead set on changing heads, however, then I'd definitely choose the Muzzy over the Rage.

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I shoot Muzzy 3-blade. They do fine when placed in the boiler room. I believe they can kill a deer quicker than a slug. I have friends that use Slick Tricks. The only knowledge I have of Rage is that one of my buddies missed a shot at a huge whitetail because the Rage broadhead opened prematurely while drawing the bow.

The red squiggly line appearing under the words you type is indicating that you don't know how to spell worth a crap. Stay in school and pay attention. It appears you have a problem with that because I have yet to read any of your replies agreeing to the majority of the advice to get your bow tuned. I believe your bow/arrow setup is incorrect. You need to follow the advice of the replies and look into your setup.
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hey guys ,i hope you all know that I meant 4" circle
thanks,one embarassed carpenter.ok everybody laugh now!
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I shot muzzy 125 3 blade all my life bowhunting, last year I switched to Rage with all the hype, LOVE EM!! rage 3 blade, if you dont get a clean pass through with a Rage there is no worries, never had problem with the blades expanding on impact, and when they got a blood trail that is easy to follow...that is if you need it!!!!
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I also recommend the Muzzy 3 blade - 100 grain. Especially for the 55 lbs draw weight.
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I shot the 2 blade rage last year...holy crap do they leave a hole...looks like someone hit the critter with a hatchet
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I can remember in my early days of bow hunting thinings how some heads just "flew bad". What I later learned was you have to tune your bow properly. I took up bow hunting and didnt really have anyone to show me the right way but I learned as I went. My first bow shot on a doe was looking straight at me and I hit her at the base of the neck. I didnt know better.

What Im getting at is many of us went down the same road and there is much to learn. Tuning a broadhead is part of it. Using a mechanical to get better flight isn't the answer because you will still be losing a lot of energy from an out of tune arrow.

There are good tuning guides on the web here is a great one...

Don't take shortcuts and find time to practice and tune your equipment. We owe it to the animals we hunt.
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Default Trading in bow?

Deleted - Accidental post here
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first of all i want to say thanks to the author of this thread....this my first post on this site and now i know definately NOT to ask for advice or help on here because u will get bashed for it and called names...i thought hunters were supposed to stick together and help each other out...rage broadheads r great man...goodluck!!
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