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Wisconsin DNR

Old 09-29-2009, 11:24 AM
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Default Wisconsin DNR

Well i just need to vent a little bit about the stupid wolves again! I'm 18 years old now, been in the woods since i was 6 years old. Every year from when i was 6 until i was 11 my grandpa and dad both shot bucks... They had seen 10 bucks a day.. Well thats until the wolves came, Ever since then the deer population went down horribly. But yet they say the wolves dont do anything, Bull**** they dont i seen a pack of 10 wolves take down a 10 pointer 2 years ago. And another thing, they said there wasn't very many bears out there.. HAHA! ya right theres more bear than there is deer. What im trying to get at is the Wisconsin DNR is just plain out right STUPID!!!!!!!!!! They dont know left from right! Im sick of it and i can't wait till they get to Buffalo County where the big money spots are! then they'll be scratching there heads!!! Next year im not even buying a license... But thanks for reading and listening to be bitch **** and moan... Cya
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Your preachin to the choir here. I gun hunt up north and there is 0 deer left up there. There are twice as many bears as deer, and any local will tell you tons of wolf stories. Out of four guys in camp last year I saw three and the other guys saw nothing. Down here where I bow hunt I used to see deer every time out. This year I have been out 8 times and seen deer 3 times. Thats after EAB several years in a row because of "herd reduction." The DNR is worthless and ruining what was a wonderful tradition.
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Funny, I gun hunt in Iron County, near Mercer. Our best year ever was 2000, We shot 9 deer among 6 hunters and 3 nice bucks. Since then we have averaged about 1 or 2 deer per season with minimal sightings. I am not knocking the DNR because they don't manage deer for the hunters to always be successful but I do believe that wolves have impacted the quantity and make hunting much more difficult.
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shoot every wolf you see.. ....we dont eat wolves but we do eat deer so what's up with the wi DNR... [email protected]
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I agree that the DNR has mismanaged the deer herd in the north. The wolves are becoming a problem. Look on the WI DNR website, it lists how many people's dogs have been killed by the wolves. The number increases every year. Bear numbers are up as well. They nearly doubled the permits this year. Unfortunately it's a govt. agency that is largely influenced by politics than common sense. Don't blame the wardens and field officers. Blame the decision makers in Madison!
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The DNR really has nothing to do with it though does it? Nor the lawmakers in's the lawmakers in DC since it's a federal endangered species
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This will be the first year in a lot of years that I won't bow hunt the north. I will rifle hunt if we get snow. I love tracking and need the large area to do that. Last season I saw 2 deer in the Clam Lake area bow and gun combined. I estimate (based on sitings, tracks along the road, and tracks in the snow) that there are about 8 deer per square mile in my area. My estimate may be high because I target areas that contain deer. This season I hunted out of state with my bow and got to do a real hunt where I got to see deer and had chances at some nice ones. DNR beware - you got my bow license money this year but I think you will sell one less next year! I hunt 2 other states besides Wis. and those 2 states blow away any hunting I have ever seen in Wis. I think eventually other Wis hunters will catch on and hunt elsewhere. I have grown tired of complaining and just go out of state now. Here's the laugher, the DNR claims that my area up north is 22% over populated! Oh and BTW, it's not all the wolves fault. The biggest problem is the DNR has got us to kill way too many. Poor management! I wonder what will happen if we get a tough winter?
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Two wolves killed my neighbor's (up north in Philips) two hunting dogs. Valued at $3,000 a piece.

Whenever I see a wolf, they tend to disappear. Weird.
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I agree the Wi DNR is jacked up but what are we going to do about? Suggestions?
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Originally Posted by peakrut
I agree the Wi DNR is jacked up but what are we going to do about? Suggestions?
I hear that Wolves are allergic to lead, especially in the belly.

I hunt near Weyerhaeuser and got my first wolf pack on my trail cameras this year. Though we saw deer last year and harvested our typical dozen deer, I'm not seeing as many feeding in the fields this summer.

A hunting gang in the Blue Hills north of us got 3 deer for 15 hunters last year. This is a group that typically only shoots bucks (no QDM practice there) and fills 80% of their tags. They said it's like the deer just vanished.

Gonna be an interesting season.
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