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quartering away shot?

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Default RE: quartering away shot?

I've took the shot, and am confident in it a ways out.
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Default RE: quartering away shot?

Charlie I hit the heart dead center, that's what stopped the arrow. left a perfect imprint of the blades in it and sliced it into three pieces. The deer ran until it keeled over, never bedded down once. I found it flopped over a log like it died in it's tracks. Maybe it was just a freak thing. It's the only deer I have shot.

I sort of new I didn't have enough Ke for mechanicals, but I was listening to those guys that said it didn't matter, they penitrate just as well fixed heads. I even pick one with a small cutting dia to help a little. I had the bow tuned for Thunder head pro's, guess I should have left them on there. Live and learn I guess.

I was also told that deer die faster if the blood can escape the body cavity. They bleed out faster than they would with internal injuries. I don't know, I'm not a vet. All I know is the guy that told me that kills a crap load of deer and I will tend to believe him.

Thanks for the comments guys. I keep thinking I want a faster bow with more energy, then I see some woman take one down with 25 inch draw and 45 lbs of pull. Archery is so much easier when you are only killing targets.

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Default RE: quartering away shot?

i have been using spitfires for 2 years now and have taken 5 deer the only problem i have had is when i hit the shoulder on an entrance. my uncle also shoots spitfire he has a 60 lb. 30 in. draw shoots 224fps and has never had a problem with the spitfire although all his shots have been under 25 yards he has never hit the front shoulder so i can't speak on that part. as far as the quartering away shot goesthe lower exit hole really helps for tracking but as long as the broadhead cuts the lungs it causes a sucking chest wound which collapes the lungs hence the deer cannot breathe, it also causes the obvious bleeding in the lung which is what kills the deer quickly. I have never had a deer run over 80 yards that was a good double lung hit. hope this helps
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Default RE: quartering away shot?

I've had that shot, and taken it at least 20 times....I like to exit the brisket from this angle, you get tissue damage on both lungs, the liver sometimes and almost always hit the heart...a lot of animals are down inside of 30 yards!

How many points did he have????
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Default RE: quartering away shot?

Been there,done that, do it again in a heartbeat!
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Default RE: quartering away shot?

If you hit both lungs on a deer, they can not last longer than 8-10 seconds. If they run as hard as they can, they can make it between 75-90 yards usually. If they trot or walk, you will see them go down if you can see 50 yards. The lower exit would helps us track and it also keep the blood from puddling around the heart and lungs to help seal off the wounds. They will still die, but will last a few seconds longer. I got a beautiful shot on a deer on video this year and it took both lungs out. It went 25 yards, stopped, flicked its tail and fell over dead. I wish all shots were that quick and humane. I was standing over the deer in less than 5 minutes. What a feeling, I was still shaking.
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Default RE: quartering away shot?

Quartering away with a down angle of about 25-40 degrees is just about picture perfect. I just concentrate on the arrows path....including entrance and exit.....entering a little higher than where the center of the lungs sit and exiting a little lower than where the lungs sit gives a great chance of a double lung pass through. I'll take that shot EVERY time..unless the deer is looking right at me or particularly skittish and wary.

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Default RE: quartering away shot?

I'm all over that shot, dead deer.
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