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Default RE: DNR

the CWD has been pretty much in the southern part of the state....besides that, the outright slaughter of all female deer is far greater danger to the population than CWD
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Default RE: DNR

Wisconsin has blown it BIG TIME!!! In my area, northeast Wisconsin, about 5 or 6 years ago deer numbers seemed to be at an acceptable level for all, hunters, motorists, foresters. As a hunter I would have liked to see more but I understand they have to be at a level that will accomodate all. But the DNR kept increasing doe tags and doe seasons and have almost wiped out the herd now. I don't mind a sit or two without seeing deer but when you hunt hard doing all day sits for 6, 8, 10 days at a time and don't see a deer, something is wrong. This isn't just me, people I talk to have the same results, good, experienced,succesful hunters who know their areas and hunt hard. I don't think the DNRactually wants to decimate the deer herd like they are, I don't think they realize they are doing it. All their antlerless quotas and doe seasons are based on population estimates using SAK, which for anyone that has followed their estimates over the years and spent as much time as I do in the woods studying deer knows that these numbers are not even close to being accurate. And of course any hunter input falls on deaf ears, were not hunting hard enough orare in the wrong spots.It's really hard after a while to find the motivation to crawl out of bed and go sit in a treestand anymore knowing most likely I am going to see the usual.....nothing!!!! I don't like to tell anyone that they are failing, andI'm sure these peopletake pride in what they do, but in this case they have absolutely blown it and I think we can expect more of the same because from what they are now saying we are headed in the right direction, not quite there yet. It's going to be some rough hunting in Wisconsin for years to come. What a shame.
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Default RE: DNR

As I have said before, I beleive I can do a better job than the quack wildlife biologists and lawmakers in the NC DNR right now, and I plan to be shortly after I graduate. They have no idea what they are doing to the herd.

We can take 4 bucks out of the herd and unlimited does, yet we still have way more bucks killed a year than we do does. Next year will bring about a universal season to the whole state, and there will be a 3 month gun season through everyones rut. No real way of reporting our kills around here , so there are countless bucks never reported, countless deer I should say. They are all about pleasing the numbers and quotas given to them by the insurance companies, but dont want to throw the Bow Hunters a bone, much less the hunters that actually do what they are suppossed to. Fishing Regs are the same way, I could argue on those all day. Ill live with it until I can change it, but is it so much to ask for antler restrictions for Christmas [8D]
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