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Old 07-31-2008, 09:26 AM   #21
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Default RE: Deer Attractant Tests

As far as the peanuts, do you get shelled or not?
The peanuts and corn are ground up, together. They will DEVOUR it
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Default RE: Deer Attractant Tests

Ive truthfully had my best luck with black magic as well. Another thing that works good for me is buck jam.
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Default RE: Deer Attractant Tests

Ill let yall know how Buck Jam Persimmon works along with Evolved Habitats Rut N Apples. I jsut set both out at a camera site along with about 15 pears (They have ate my neighbors pears off of her tree for two months) . Corn is to high for me to want to buy it right now [:'(]. BTW I have never had any luck with anything besides Deer Cain and it wasnt very good luck with it then. Only two deer visited. The Biologic Minerals create a real nice lick, but nothing seems to want to eat it [:@]
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Default RE: Deer Attractant Tests

If you want to talk about what works, I'm a new fan of the Trophy Rock. Bought one last year with all of the hype and placed it in an area that I know deer travel. I set a Cuddeback on it for the entire hunting season and never moved it. What I found was that it was a little slow for the first two weeks or so! But once the rain hit it a few times and it began to break down a little, they bagen to hit it with regularity. By November, the majority of the Rock was gone and there was a whole maybe 3 or 4 inches deep that the deer had pawed/eaten. I got more pictures on that camera than the other three cameras combined. The other cameras had previously had corn available before the season opened!

Just my experience with, The Rock!!
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Default RE: Deer Attractant Tests

Im surprised at how good of results everyone is/has had with the deer co-cane Black Magic! I put this stuff out along a nice trail and absolutely nothing!!!
Now I use te regular deer co-cane and they tear it up????

I guess its all about location!!??
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Default RE: Deer Attractant Tests

I had no luck at all onBuck Jam Apple, but it might be because I have a huge apple tree plum full of apples 300 yards away from there. I would have to agree it all depends on your geographic area what the deer will come to. I am excited about this Advantage 360 Supermax. I put it out and boom that night they hit it. It's still early but I think its gonna be good.
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Default RE: Deer Attractant Tests

I used Deer Co-caine a couple years ago and put it out late in the fall and they did not touch it, but when I went back the next year mid summer it was tore up. I have horses and see the same results in that much of this is seasonal.
Currently we have out three sites on 100 acres. 2 are with a 30lb block of mineral that I got at Tractor supply and one is called rack up. We started putting out the 30lb blocks in March and it is now Aug and we have gone through 6 blocks so far. I have the trail cam on one site that I can see from my house and we are averaging about 200 pics a week. Tractor supply ran out of the block the last time, but had a different block that was a mix of corn and mineral. I tried it and OMG. I had 687 Pics in 4 days. There were some of a couple crow ( about a dozen ) the rest were deer. They came in and just tore this up. It was the same two bucks and about 7 does, but they were hitting it at all times of the day and night. Where as the mineral was usually at night or early morning/ Late evening. I do believe though that mineral is benificial for the deer during spring and summer, but here in the Northern area's that usage winds down as the weather gets cooler.
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Default RE: Deer Attractant Tests

I've use buck jam persimmon on stumps and rotted logs. They chewed a hole right through the stump to the ground.The logs which were probabley 8 inches or more around were turned to toothpicks. Now this wasn't over night but for my hunting spot this stuff is awesome.
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Default RE: Deer Attractant Tests

I have had no luck w/ buck jam or acorn rage.
I have had mixed results in the past on Deer Cocain.
I am now very reluctant to try anything.

I am intrigued by the trophy rock. Any tips on that? How long before season do most people put them out?

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Default RE: Deer Attractant Tests

AF, great information and thank you for taking the time and expense to do this and share with us.

I've used the trophy rock with some success. It's gotten activity on a fairly regular basis. The nice thing about the trophy rock is they last a good long time and don't need to be refreshed which will spread your scent around. I used 30-06 and it got some activity, but not anywhere near what would justify the cost.

This year I started making my own using trace minerals, dicalcium phosphate, and Buck Grub that I got on sale for $6 for a 25 lb. bag. The results have been impressive. I've gone through about 120 lbs. of it since April and have had to freshen up the site as often as every 2 weeks. I know the traffic will die down come fall, but I use it to get pics and not to hunt over so I'm not worried about that.

With that, I'm curious to try Acorn Rage as I hunt a lot of oak stands and since it is a food attractant would be curious to see how deer react to that in season. I'd probably put it over a trail cam site more for research purposes than hunting, but I am curious and will likely try it.
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