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This is why its called hunting and not getting!

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This is why its called hunting and not getting!

Old 01-04-2008, 01:33 AM
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Default This is why its called hunting and not getting!

Last year hunting I had 2 different opurtunties at 140" class deer while hunting with the recurve, thats what I hunt with. Both times I had a 140" buck at 25 yards, I didn't feel right in taking the shot, something didn't feel right, maybe it was the yardage, I'm thinking so! I've been asked by my friends why I didn't take the shot? My good friends know me and know why I didn't take the shot, most of my buddiesare compound buddies. My problem is allot of my buddies told me that when they bought there particular bow, the salesman told them that these new compounds these days can get out there. Does that make it right? To me I don't think so. The last 5 years my friends shooting compounds have wounded a heck of allot more deer then I have, actually I haven't wounded any. I'm not against compounds by any means but I do believe the salesman these days are terrible, what happened to the old ethics on our shots? The bows may be faster but the animals were shooting are still the same animals! The same people that I've talked to that were taking long shots years ago aren't having much better luck now with the same bows! This is not a post verse traditional verse non traditional! This is a post concerning the people who sell these bows and think they know there stuff! The reason I did post this is my buddy who shoots a brand new compound, 300 fps, I'm not mentioning the brand, that doesn't much matter! He took a 40 yard shot at a deer tonight standing still, calm as you can get he thought and he hit the deer high in the back, who knows if he shot high or if the deer ducked the arrow a little! When it comes right down to it the only reason he shot at this deer is because of what the big shot salesman told him, I've preached to him no on these long shots but I don't think he much cares coming from a traditional guy like myself! After 3 hours of looking he looks at me at starts to gripe, what happened? I feel terrible for the guy because I really have no answers. In the back of my mind I'm thinking, 40 yard shot, you get whats coming to ya! This friend of mine is huge into compounds, he's excellent on picking his spots on deer and is very good when target practicing at 40 yards at home, he respects me and my traditional ways of shooting and I respect his ways as well, when it comes right down to it he's wounding animals on these long out there shots, and so far I'm not because I choose not to take these long shots. I've preached to him my 2 cents on taking long shots but he keeps going back and saying the guys who sold me the bow tell me these bows are quick enough to take 40+ yard shots, there the pro's he tells me, there suppose to know what there talking about! Are they pro's? Heck no In my opinion, the speed of bows these days does increase arrow flight, does a 1/4 of a second mean much from what they use to be, heck no it doesn't!
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Old 01-04-2008, 02:39 AM
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Default RE: This is why its called hunting and not getting!

i completely agree with what you are saying, i mean i am young and dont know many "pros" but i will never take a shot at a deer more than 30 yards away with a compound bow...30 yards is even pushing it for me, i dont really care what the "pro" says about my bow, i just will not do it because there are too many factors. and also, i am shooting an older slower bow but even i had a 2008 bow, i still wouldnt take that shot.

but in the near future i would love to try and shoot with my recurve bow, it was my moms when she was younger and she has given it to me. its a very nice bow, surprisingly hard to pull back.
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Old 01-04-2008, 03:33 AM
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Default RE: This is why its called hunting and not getting!

A couple of things:

1) A .25 sec makes a difference for about 25 yards or less. Based on a deers reaction time ( a relaxed deer),I can shoot a deer out to 21 yards before it can duck my shot. I did these calculations one day while sitting in my stand. My bow shoots 275 fps. Bottom line.... the deer needs to be relaxed.

2) It's not the 40 yard shot it's the hunter. There are many people who are competent to take 40 yard shots. There are many who are not. I believe that Rob/PA/Bowyer took a doe at 41 yards this year. Atthis range it is not the speed that matters but the accuracy does. No matter what you shoot, if you're not accurate 100% of the time at 40 yards, you should not take the shot. This includes things that hinder accuracy such as bulky cold weather clothes if your not practiced up while wearing them.
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Old 01-04-2008, 04:59 AM
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Default RE: This is why its called hunting and not getting!

Shultzy with a can o worms post on a friday.

I tell ya I gotta agree. I know shot distance selection is an individual thing, but selecting to take only best, highest percentag shots, helps you in a game that something can go wrong on ANY shot, so why add more variables.
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Old 01-04-2008, 05:08 AM
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Default RE: This is why its called hunting and not getting!

I don't know......

If you take this hard line....you dismiss almost EVERYONE who hunts, out West.

So schultzy.....if this statement (you said it) is true.....

This friend of mine is huge into compounds, he's excellent on picking his spots on deer and is very good when target practicing at 40 yards at home
What would one have to do to be "worthy" of attmepting this shot (in your eyes)? Is every shot at a game animal over 40 yds "unethical"?
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Old 01-04-2008, 05:20 AM
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Default RE: This is why its called hunting and not getting!

It's an individual decision. It really has nothing to do with the salesman. If you buy a car and the salesman tells you it can do 140mph, are you going to pull out of the lot and drive 140mph down the highway?

I have no problem with someone that can consistently KILL deer at 40 yards. Not consistently hit a target in their backyard, but has proven he has the ability to kill deer at a high success rate in the field at that yardage. Hats of to them, they are a better archer than me.

I do have a huge problem with someone that consistently shoots and either misses or wounds deer at that yardage. That person has no business taking a shot at 40 yards.

Personally there's no way I'll ever find out. I'm just not comfortable taking a shot at 40+ yards.I can whack a target all day long with good success, but I dont' see myself ever taking that shot to the woods with me. Just not confident enough.
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Old 01-04-2008, 05:29 AM
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Default RE: This is why its called hunting and not getting!

I agree with Greg the deer needs to be relaxed and that it isthe hunter,.25 sec at that distance yeah I would think that it does make a differance. Also does it matter what the salesman says whenhe is gettinghis information from the manufaturer to sell that particular brand andyou are the one out there in an uncontrolled environment taking the shot? It is all about the condition of the shot.
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Old 01-04-2008, 05:47 AM
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Default RE: This is why its called hunting and not getting!

maximum shot distance is asubjective thing. Weather, wind,equipment, available light(to see small branches) all come into play but the overwhelming factor is the attitude of the deer.

IMHO, the best situation is a rutting buck that is intent on a doe or an intruding buck. He will often fail to react as quickly as even a relaxed feeding deer. I've even had bucks in that situation react toa double lung hitwith nothing more than a jump or two only to look back ready to retaliate at the buck that must have hit em in the ribs.

Shots at awired deer that has either busted you or simply suspects something is wrong should be kept under 20 yards and far less is even better.

When asked by a new hunter, or working with kids, my advice is to find the maximum range where the hunter can place 5-6 arrows out of 6 in the kill zone of a target and cut it in half to come up with a max shooting distance at RELAXED, UNHURRIED deer.
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Old 01-04-2008, 06:52 AM
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Default RE: This is why its called hunting and not getting!

I was in a bow shop last year and a so called pro was selling a crossbow to a young kid. I was standing near by and this so called Pro was telling this kid that he could shoot a deer at 60 yards with his new Xbow[:-][:@]I said to myself you got to be kidding me. I started hunting with a recurve this year and my max is 15yards until I become more confident at 20yards. Even with a compound my max is 25 yards. I don't like the long shots even with the compound. BUT to each his own,if you think you can make the shot and are confident, I gess!

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Old 01-04-2008, 07:00 AM
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Default RE: This is why its called hunting and not getting!

I totally agree with you. I could shoot alot further but Im not comfortable shooting past 30 yards. Im more comfortable letting the deer come back another day!
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Quick Reply: This is why its called hunting and not getting!

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