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Draw Length

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Default Draw Length

I have a friend that her son's grown from last year and just got his bow back from his dad's house. It appears his draw lenght is short now. What is an acceptable charge for this at a bow shop? He also may need some arrows. What is the expected cost for some decent carbon arrows. He is 16 and I have not seen his bow. I have no idea what his set up is, so I know this will be nearly impossible to get acurate. Just a best guess would be great. I am thinking of taking hime to Van's Archery in Whitmore Lake, Mi. if anyone in the area knows of them, please let me know what you think of that shop. Called the local Dick's Sporting Goods and was told that the store would not allow them to do any bow tuning.

Kids going through a rough time and dad is a piece of work. Shows no interest in him and couldn't care less if he goes to school or stays out of trouble. He loves to hunt and has no one else to hang with. I want to try to spend some time with him, problem is I have 2 boys of my own 13 and 10 and they need time in the woods too. Only so much of me to go around, ya know.

Oh well, sometimes it's all about the kids.
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Default RE: Draw Length

IF you have a press, this is a easy fix. Look on the cam/cams to see if they can be adjusted. You might look the cam up on the internet to see where the string needs to be set. If there is no adjustment, or not enough on the cam/cams; tighten the bus and losen the string (make sure to keep your cam in time). Do this bytwisting. Dont over do it. As far as price, dont know. I would think it would be cheap. its not a major job, unless the cams need to be replaced to get more draw.
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Default RE: Draw Length

Oh, and I forgot, Thanks for taking interest in the kids.
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Default RE: Draw Length

Well if his bow is within the last im going to say 10years of production. It make be possible to get an extra inch out of the bow by just adjusting the cam. Your local bow shop can do this very quickly and should only charge you a few bucks 5-10max. As far as arrows, they should cut them for free and insert them if you purchase new ones. You can gestimate by buying some carbon expresses at walmart and getting very close to the length needed. These arrows run 3-9dollars a piece at walmart. A cheap dozen may cost you 50-75 bucks at the bow shop Remember I said cheap.

On seperate note, give yourself a pat on the back for helping a young man out. Father figures are the most important part of a boys life growing up. And it is good for someone to try and guide him, even if it is just a little bit.

Hope this helps, dont be afraid of the local bow shop, adjusting the length is fairly easy with in about an inch. Say 29 to 30. If the bow allows for it. You can also get away with a long string loop put on yourself will give him a little more length to help.
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