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How to make good cheap targets with pics....

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How to make good cheap targets with pics....

Old 10-25-2007, 10:52 AM
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Default How to make good cheap targets with pics....

Read this on on one of the Texas forums and wanted to pass it along:

If you're like me, you're always pinching pennies trying to save for that perfect lease, the exotic hunt you've been dreaming about, or "in my case" the ranch I want in the western Hill Country.
As an archer andextreme fanof traditional bow hunting, I shoot hundreds of arrows a week and can really tear up some targets. Well, here's away I save money, recycle, and improve my skills for next to nothing.

Through the winter my hunting partner and I empty about 30 bags of corn per month, filling the feeders and spreading along the ranch roads. Ofcourse most brands of deer corn have a target on the back of the bag, but what I noticed with the brand we use "West Feeds",is that it has aninner liningthat is the practically thesame material that is used to make the "YellowJacket" brand archery targets, that you see at places such as Academy.

So that's where we'll start, with a couple of empty feed bags.

The next thing we do is find something to fill them with, that will stop, but not damage a target or field point.I've used leaves that I raked up out of my yard, whichwere effective, butthe best packing material I've found,are the plastic bags you get from the grocery store. Whatever you use,pack it in as tight as you can, then slide another bag over the top.

Now we're ready to shoot some arrows. I've made a platform for the target and backed it with a couple of layers of old carpet I picked up at a job site. This gives me a little extra protection so that as I start wearing out the target the arrows won't penetrate to the point I have to pull them through, risking tearing the fletching.

This target will take 150 to 200 shots before it's worn out. That doesn't seem like a lot, but there are other advantages to using this target. First and foremost it's free. Second, after shooting a hundred arrows, I can look at the target and it will show me my tendencies, telling me where I need to focus my practice. I shoot gap , so it's important for me to understand the difference between where aim the tip of the arrow, and where the arrow strikes.Today I'm shooting from 10 yrdand 15 yrd spots I have marked off in my backyard. When I hunt, whether from a ground blind or a tree stand, I'll mark off those distances with piles of rocks, so I'll know what gap to use.

One of the great things about this target, is the ease of which the arrows are retrieved. Though the arrow penetrates 6 inches or more into the target, I can pull them out using only my thumb and forefinger.

After I obliterate the target, as seen in the next picture.....

I simply slide another bag over the top, packing and adding new material as needed.

As time goes on, and I add more and more bags, the target actually gets better. One thing I have found though, is as thebags get thicker, and target starts to wear out, the arrows have a tendency to either not penetrate, or hang on the target, as shown in the next photo.

I've found out the hard way not to shoot when my arrows are hanging, just in the last month I've shot two arrows in half this way.......and still I can't win the lottery.

I hope this journal entry helps some of you out there. As a traditional hunter, concern for the animal is at the top of my priority list, and to have the highest percentage chance of making a clean kill it takes practice, practice, and a lot more practice. Good luck and good hunting. -Paleo-

Written on: 03/20/2007 18:18 by: Paleo

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Old 10-25-2007, 11:01 AM
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Default RE: How to make a cheap target with pics....

Very good post.
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Old 10-25-2007, 11:20 AM
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Default RE: How to make a cheap target with pics....

Very informative, thanks alot
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Default RE: How to make a cheap target with pics....

Here is another idea for those that may not have lots of corn bags laying around. I usually start with a large cardboard box, maybe two feet high by three feet wide by a foot and a half deep or so. Then, I go to my local grocery store and just ask them for the boxes they are throwing away. Simply flatten the boxes and then stack them side to side on end so as to fill the large box you started with. As long as you pack them tightly they will last you quite a while. Between my friends and I we have shot this target many hundreds of times with various compounds and crossbows and I have yet to have an arrow or bolt go in to where it damages the fletching. When it begins to seem "worn out" just turn it around and use the other side until that one is also worn out before replacing the inner boxes. One thing I have found to be good also is that I covered the top of the box with rainproof material so it will not be damaged by leaving it outside. Also, I added a rope handle to the top so I can easily move the target.

Not the most advanced concept ever come up with, but it worked well for me and I hope someone else gets some use out of the idea. Sorry for no pictures- they would be the ones on the my laptop that I accidentally dropped from three feet onto a carpeted floor- apparently the entire machine is totaled and the memory is lost to me forever. What a tragedy, especially my hunting journals! :-(

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Old 10-25-2007, 11:51 AM
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Default RE: How to make a cheap target with pics....

Very interesting. I like the idea!
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